Thursday, May 28, 2009

Should I post or go to sleep?

Of course you know the answer to that question. How can I not post about my day? Today I got to hang out with Mr Splash and it was a long time coming! We'd been trying to get together from before passover and things just never seemed to work out (as you probably are aware of). We met for lunch in the city, got a nice table at the back so we could talk freely. I didn't tell him I blogged about staying at his place, but we did talk about my weekend, and some of the conclusions I had come to based on my perceptions of his life. I was way off on some of them, as some commentors thought too.

He didn't want to question me too much, and I tend to be more reserved and shy, especially when it comes to talking about my feelings. I open up more after a drink or two, lol. And he doesn't drink. But we did talk about issues I face. Coming out, doing the whole jewish and gay thing. He also told me again I should come see him on Fire Island and we'd hang out, which would be nice. Maybe sometime later this summer.

Afterwards we went to Soho to do some shopping. Well window shopping for me. But it was nice to hang out with him even if we were doing everyday mundane things. He's a really sweet guy, and i've mentioned that I think he's hot, lol.

Anyway I gotta run, going away for the weekend. To all you jews chag sameach, and to everyone else have a great weekend.


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Anonymous said...

chag sameach to you too!

and I like Mr. Splash and his ability to intermingle being Jewish and gay. I hope the two of you stay friends.