Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making new mates part 2

It's been a while since I last blogged, been alot of stuff happening, which you'll find out about in the next blog post, so you gotta stay tuned. Making friends is always a bit of a mixed bag.

I've been hanging out some more with the guys mentioned in the previous post. I met up with J for dinner one night at Pelican on Fitzroy St. It's a nice little tapas-style, share plates restaurant.

We had a good time, and gave him a lift home. And thats where it ends for some reason. We texted a bit back and forth after that but eventually I just stopped trying. I don't know what I did or if he wasn't interested or what. I guess i'll never know.

Moving onto S. S started things of with a bang. So many things he wanted to do, make new friends, meet new people, hang out. It sounded perfect for a new gay mate. It started off well. One Friday night he decided he was having a pyjama party. He lives just up the road so why the hell not. They were watching Bridesmaids on DVD, and everyone has to make a dessert.

 Mmm, when was the last time I baked something? Ages ago, and never in this oven. Time to test out a recipe. I walked over in my pyjamas, as one does. It was a smashing success, rich, decadent, chocolate brownies. Though I think I had chocolate overload that night.

Lots of chocolate, lollies, cake, wine and more wine. Got to meet some new people (funny thing, the host had met everyone there on grindr, except his fag hag). Since then things have sort of started to tail off. We've hung out a bit but more in a group setting at the Greyhound usually. I don't know what it is, we've just never managed to hang out 1 on 1 since then.

Moving onto the next guy. This will be J #2. J #2 is an American guy who moved to Oz not long ago. He hosted a friday night Shabbat dinner at his place a couple months back. Again, I had a nice time, meeting different people, the food was great and then I made my way home.

And then we have J#3. We met on grindr, chatted for a bit, ended up at his place for a few drinks one Sunday arvo. And that was basically it. We bumped into each other a few times at the railway hotel since then, but other than that, pretty much nothing. A random hi hows it going on grindr but thats pretty much it.

Lastly we have D. A guy i met at the railway, eventually said hi to and swapped numbers. We tried to meet up a few times and he always cancelled. Eventually I stopped trying...

I don't know if it's me, or its the people gay guys I tend to meet, but more often than not I end up thinking why bother in the first place :(