Thursday, January 29, 2009

jewish and gay. gay and jewish

I have asked for requests what people want me to write about... I haven’t received many responses. But i did receive one earlier this week so that's what i'm writing about. It was in reference to a post I made earlier on, way back in april. I talked about being jewish and gay and can they coexist. Of course i probably didn't delve much into it then. I will talk about it from a couple of different viewpoints. Feel free to comment, argue, put forth your own views. So AJK this is for you :).

There are many different types of jews, and I hope I don’t offend anyone with what I’m about to write (but I probably will). Everything I write is my opinion only. Surely there are more knowledgeable people out there, but this is my blog ;) Some are more religious and some less so, some keep the commandments in the torah, some don’t, some keep some of them. I’m not going to start saying there’s a right way and a wrong way. There are different ways and people can do as much or as little as they like.

Marriage is a hot topic in Judaism. Everyone’s mother wants them to grow up, settle down, get married and give them grandkids. Espcially a jewish mother. And they’ll push push push until they get it. Yeah jewish mothers are pushy. It’s funny to me at least, ok it’s not funny, it’s interesting how some people with pick and choose what they do. For example, some people could be the most irreligious, non believers, whatever, don’t keep anything, they’ll happily eat ham sandwiches on yom kippur, but god forbid their wonderful jewish son should marry a non jewish girl.

The gay thing then throws a spanner in the works. Some people will take it ok, some people won’t. Some people will sit ‘shiva’ which is the traditional 7 day mourning period after the someone’s death. I guess it will be hard for everyone. Both the person coming out and their family.

From a religious perspective there are other things to consider. There’s nothing wrong with being gay itself. It’s all the sex that you’re gonna have that is the issue. Gay sex is a no-no. Of course so is breaking the Sabbath, eating non kosher and all that stuff. So as far as I’m concerned, if you don’t keep one law, why should u care about keeping another law. I’ve started to pick and choose things, which I guess is a slippery slide. I don’t keep a lot of things, at least in private. I just don’t really care about them to be honest, and the same goes for sex. I’m a good person, and that’s all that matters to me. And if I broke a few rules, well I don’t care.

Now dealing with the technicalities of it all, the prohibition is against anal sex between males. Not oral sex, and not sex between two women. At least not directly. This leads us to the cardinal sins of Judaism. Technically, there are 3 sins that one is supposed to allow themselves to be killed rather than violate. Murder, idolatry, and sexual immorality. One might think aha! This is bad! Well I guess it is. But then think about what comes under the category of sexual immorality – homosexual anal sex, adultery with a married woman, sex with a woman while she is a ‘niddah’ – menstruating. Now how many people actually keep that last one? Not that many I’d think. So me having gay sex is no worse in my mind than a person who doesn’t wait the specified amount of time after menstruating before sleeping with his wife.

I’ll try to summarize what I’m trying to say because I know I’m not coming across so clearly. I don’t see anything wrong with being jewish and gay. Just as you can be jewish and not keep the Sabbath or kosher, why can’t you be jewish and gay. If you come from a religious background then things get more difficult. You would be doing your best to keep the other laws but then what about the gay thing. Do you ignore it? Do you not have sex with other men? Do you remain celibate? Only the person actually going through that can answer that question. Some will argue god made me gay, how can it be wrong, which is certainly another valid point. As far as I’m concerned, I am gay, I didn’t choose to be gay, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I live with it. I’m gay. And I will do gay things, I will have gay sex, and I won’t feel bad about it. That’s all one can do. The emotional part will be harder to deal with. I know my family will take it hard when I do come out. My friends too. How will they react? I have no idea. Who will still want to be my friend? What about my family? Siblings? Cousins? Will most of it end up in the scrapheap? Who knows. And that’s what worries me the most.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My weekend... Hell yeah it was great :)

Wow wow wow wow wow! What a weekend it was. I will start off right from the very beginning. I’d been chatting to a guy on facebook for a while now. He told me he’d be coming to visit NY in the summer. Ok I thought, maybe I’d meet up with him. I had a trip to Europe that I was thinking of taking in a couple of months, so maybe I’d meet him earlier. Even before that though, he was planning a trip to the US, but to Dallas, not to NY, so that wouldn’t work out. I helped him find a good deal on his airfare, and that was that. Or so I thought. One day I get a text from him to come online and chat. Apparently his travel agent had found him a good deal for flights and accommodation to NY and he wanted to know if he should take it. Regretfully I told him no, since I didn’t know If I’d be able to find time to spend a week with him, and he had friends in Dallas, so a free place to crash. So he booked his ticket, and I went to take a shower. Of course all my brainstorms usually come in the shower, lol. Why didn’t he fly to dallas, and do a stopover in NY on the way back? I checked online and found such a ticket for only $35 more than his original one. I told him to cancel it ASAP and book this new one, which he did :).

Fast forward to this past Saturday. He was arriving in the afternoon so as soon as the Sabbath was over, I packed my bag and went to his hotel in the city. I was probably going to stay a couple of nights. I took the subway and arrived at his hotel, got to his room and knocked on the door. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean I knew what he looked like, but what do I do when I walk in? Well that was decided for me, I really needed to take off some layers, but once I got comfortable I got a hug, and a kiss. Then we started making out on the bed. Lots of kissing and touching and biting, well nibbling. We did that for a while until we decided to head out for food. Urban pita it was. Close, kosher (supposedly, lol), food was alright and from there we took a cab to the G Lounge. Now that’s a great spot. Good looking bartenders (Jacob is hot!), just a regular gay hangout. I was surprised it felt so normal to be in there. It was cold out so I had been out with a beanie on but once I was in, the kippah came on instead. And it didn’t feel weird. It was just a bar, with a bunch of gay people drinking. I had a few smiles, a few admirers, it actually felt really good.

One young African American boy took a liking to me. He started off with commenting that he liked my boots, he wanted to buy me a drink too, but I guess he got the picture that I was out with my friend by the stuff we were doing on the sofas, lol, so eventually he left. Now what stuff were we doing on the sofas you may ask? Holding hands, touching, kissing, ice cubes and cherries were also involved. Now there was another guy, he probably deserves his own paragraph, lol. I was walking to the bar and a guy was passing by me and he said hi. And I stop and look at him for a second. Do I know this guy? He looked like he may have been jewish. Trimmed beard, tall, handsome. I didn’t think I knew him but I said hi, and continued to the bar. I came back with my drinks and told my friend what had happened. Then I saw him again, he was hanging out with a bunch of friends. I caught him looking at me a few times, and there were times where he caught me staring at him. Of course I smiled and looked away. He did a little dance for me, and made me laugh. Only problem was that I was too shy to go up to him, even with a few drinks under my belt. And with what I’d been doing with my friend, he probably thought we were together or something and didn’t approach me. I decided I should go up to him, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to. I headed to the men’s room, all the way at the back of the bar, and I saw a line, so I figured that was it. And I saw him waiting too, ahead of me. Well when he’s done he’ll walk past me and say hi. Right? Then I realized this was the line for the coat check. Stupidly I left and went to do my thing figuring I’d see him when I’m done. Well he wasn’t there. I went back to my friend and told him what had happened. He’d this guy from a distance just before he saw me, so he was still there. I stood up and peered over the crowd, but couldn’t find him. I decided that we should go, but not before I looked for him again. Not having found him we walked out and cabbed back to the hotel.

(I know some of you don’t like it too graphic so I hope I don’t go too far this isn’t really a sex story, lol) We got in and continued where we had left off lots of making out, clothes coming off, lots of kissing, caressing, sucking (he had a nice cock :) ). Eventually he brought out his supplies. Condoms and lube, and went to the bathroom to prepare himself. He came out, put a condom on me and lubed me up. I started on the bottom with him on top and eventually we moved to him on his back, legs in the air. What can I say, it was tiring work, and in that position I got some kind of carpet burn on my knees, but it was all fun. I came inside him in this position, after which we just held each other for a while. That was it, I’d just lost my virginity and I didn’t really feel any different. That was the weird thing. It felt so normal to do, so it was just another thing that I had done. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great, just there wasn’t any enlightening moment where I thought oh my god, this is what it's all about. It was just sex. And I wanted more. But it was late, maybe around 4am and we were both tired, so we both fell asleep, naked.

I woke up around 11am, and him not long after. It was time for round 2. This time I wanted to try it with him on all fours, and he was glad to oblige. From there we moved on to him on his side. After we did it we showered – separately ;) . It was then that I got thinking about this guy from the G Lounge. I wanted to track him down. My friend suggested I go back there next Saturday night. But I didn’t know if I would, I’d have no-one to go with, and besides who knew if I’d be able to then. So I thought of craigslist. There’s a missed connections section so I thought I’d post there. I wrote up a post, describing him, describing myself, edited by my friend and then I posted it. Or so I thought, but more on that later.

We had a fun day, first out to eat, then walking through the frigid streets of Manhattan and we decided to see a movie. 7 pounds with Will Smith. It was a good movie, sad though. From there we headed to Therapy, another gay bar. It was early, so there wasn’t much of a crowd, but it was nice nevertheless. Drinks, well one drink, lots of nibbles, lots of gay mags like Guide and HX, saw a map of Gay NYC and decided on our next move. While there we saw 2 middle ages couples come in. We thought they were totally lost, randomly walking into a gay bar. Turns out they knew exactly where they were. At least some were gay, if not all. It was in Therapy that I started thinking about my ad on craigslist. I should’ve described him as handsome, not cute. But more importantly, I forgot how craigslist works. Once you create the post they email it to you and you have to click on the link in the email to confirm the post. Only I hadn’t, meaning the thing had been sitting in my email, rather than on craigslist for a good half a day. Think about how many replies I could’ve received in that time (yeah I know I’m exaggerating but I really wanted to meet this guy somehow). So I checked my email on my phone, and posted it then. Well I’m sure therapy would’ve been good, had it not been so early on a Sunday night.

After our drink we moved on to get something to eat, as well as finding a nearby place to go to afterwards for drinks. The HK lounge was in the area so after eating, off we went. This was another cool place, drinking, loud music, hot bartender, lol. The only thing was this guy from the G lounge. I probably obsessed over him too much. I was frustrated how it had worked out, thinking I’d probably never see him again. But my friend was too nice to say anything about it. I was out with him, and shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing, but too late now.

Anyway it was late so after a couple of drinks, we headed back to his hotel to get some rest. We lay in bed watching some TV, and just relaxing. I had an early morning so only got a few hours of sleep, but it was so worth it! There was only 1 thing I didn’t enjoy to the whole weekend, both nights were disturbed by phone calls from people about me dating girls. Now that’s not something I enjoy normally, but even less so when I’m about to go into or am in a gay bar with lots of hot guys around. Oh well, what a great weekend it was overall, and I can’t wait for my next experience :)

until next time,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi from the dead

It feels like forever since i blogged, even though it has probably only been a few days. My internet connection sucks, and i need to catch up on email and reading other blogs, but i know i won't be able to, cos i'm offline most of the time. So have a great weekend and I hope you'll hear from me soon :)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Part 3 :)

There is no better story than this for my 100th post! May there be 100 more :)

There is no other way I can describe it, but WOW :) It wasn't the same night, but it was a continuation of what happened in parts 1 & 2.

Let me start right at the beginning... It was a dark and cold night and I was at a bar celebrating a friends birthday party. It was supposed to be fun. Instead i'd had about 4 drinks, and i was bored. I'd been calling 'him' every now and then, also been drunk texting a guy i'd had some contact with in the past - yeah that didn't end well. Anyway I called 'him' for the umpteenth time and I told him i was bored. He said come on over. I'm not sure if he was serious or not. It'd take me forever to get there by subway at night. But i said sure! I said bye to the birthday boy and off i went.

Having made it to his stop in record time, I was left with 2 exits out of the subway. I didn't know my way to his place so I would need to call him once i got out. Straight or left... I turned left only to decide to turn around and use the other exit. It was a good thing I did because he had decided to meet me and used the other entrance. I remember his smile when he first saw me. We left the station headed towards his apartment. Of course we stopped along the way at some kind of park, it was dark and quiet, perfect place to enjoy ourselves a bit and talk. And kiss, lol. Of course it was so freaking cold that soon enough it was decided we should head to his place.

He said he wanted to show me something from his window, I couldn't really see what he was referring to but he did have me against the wall with nowhere to go, so maybe that's what he wanted to show me. Well i didn't want to run anywhere. The room was dark but the lights of the city lit up the room so I could see just enough of what I wanted. It was hot, up against the wall just him and me. There was lots of kissing and touching, and holding and grinding going on. Eventually clothes started coming off, piece by piece. Almost like it was a game of strip poker.

We eventually moved to his bed and continued the fun, lots of kissing and cuddling and massaging and removing of clothes. Him on top of me, me on top of him, lying side by side, kissing and hands roaming everywhere. It was wild and went on for hours till early in the morning. We even jerked each other off. It was really late, maybe around 4am when we finally fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning I had a choice to make. Either leave or stay for round 2. Well you know what i did ;) Round 2 was great, lots of kissing again, different positions, this time i jerked off onto him, and he onto me. There were many opportunities where i thought i probably should go. Of course i didn't, and stuck around for some more. And it was worth it!

Mmm, let me summarize it. Overall it was an amazing experience. I learnt some things too. Having a hard cock in your mouth is definitely an interesting experience if you're a first timer :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Open question time

I thought i'd open to forum to my readers. Can a person know he is gay without having any 'experience' with a woman? Your thoughts please.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh what a night! Part 2

Throughout the date my cellphone rang numerous times as well as buzzing with text messages. Thankfully it was on vibrate. What was so important that it couldn't wait? When i had a moment alone I saw who had called me. I also received a number of voicemails. I listened to them. The first one was from 'him', so i saved it to listen to later properly. The next one was from him as well, as was the last one. I saved all of them. The first one told me he wanted to talk, the second one told me he decided to stick around after the wedding so we could meet after my date. The last one said he decided to get a ride home instead. Oh well. The date ended, and i dropped the girl home. I then decided to listen to the messages again on my drive home.

I then called him. He had arrived home in the city and wanted to meet up with me. What?!? He was in Manhattan, and i was heading in the opposite direction. It was approaching midnight already, what could I do? If i got home a good few hours late and was noticed, what would I say? I did the only thing a sane person could've done at that moment. "I'll meet you" I told him and turned the car around and headed back to manhattan.

I called David on the way to let him know what I was doing. I just had to tell someone and he was the perfect guy to tell. I can't remember how the conversation went, but he did suggest a couple of gay bars that we could go to. I hadn't even thought of that, so i thought maybe the bar i went to a few days earlier. It was dark, sort of a divebar, we could have a drink and probably make out there and not worry about who is watching us. So with that in mind i headed to a subway station that I was going to pick him up at.

He got in the car and for a second we just sat there. I started driving and asked if he'd be ok coming to a gay bar with me. He asked "now?" I said soon. I parked the car and we were on Columbus ave. I thought ok let me find a street which isn't a major road, so we turned onto 74th st and found a spot, parked and turned off the engine. I was nervous of course, cars drove past every now and then, people had to walk their dogs at midnight, and then stand right next to my car so the dog can take a crap and then clean up after them. Of course he didn't mind, they don't know us, who cares if they can see us. Of course a very valid point. But i wanted to wait till they had passed us anyway.

He had changed into something more comfortable. Jeans, a button down shirt, a zip up hoodie. We both undid our seatbelts and continued from where we had left off. At first it was just kissing. A lot of kissing, tongue, licking, sucking, my god it was good. And this time i didn't have to kick him out in 10 minutes. I don't know how long we spent there. It got hot and heavy, hands were roaming all over. I loved touching his stubbly face, the feeling of it on my cheek. I opened up a shirt button and stuck my hand in and started feeling around. I found his nipples, his chest, he had some fur on his chest, i always liked that :) Of course i felt all the way around, all over his chest and made my way down, all the while kissing him. I opened the button on his jeans and his zipper and got my hand in there. I felt his hard cock. I squeezed it gently, i felt the head, the shaft, it was thick, it was hot. I played with it.

I have no idea how long we were doing it, but after a short while I stopped playing with his cock and went back to his chest and his face. Still kissing by the way :) Things I was doing to him, he began doing to me. Well not everything, but I wasn't complaining. I stopped him and told him I wanted to go for a drink. Eventually I was able to stop him and we got fully clothed and out into the freezing cold air heading towards the bar that I knew of.

We got in and it seemed quite empty, but I didn't care, I was with him. I was glad he was ok with it, because i wasnt sure he would be. I ordered a seabreeze and he was going to think what he wanted. We sat and talked, I drank, listened to some music, and just relaxed. Britney came on a few times, makes sense for a gay bar, lol. Eventually he ordered a drink and I had my second. A vodka sour. Eventually we decided to head back to my car, but I did manage to get a kiss out of him before we left the bar :).

We got back in the car and went at it full force. More than it had been. It was like every time i thought damn it's getting late and should go soon we started kissing more passionately and really going at it strongly. I moved away from his hot lips, his cheeks, his ear lobes, his neck. I opened up his shirt all the way, but this time I didn't stick my hand in there. I opened it up and began to kiss and lick it, his nipples, his abs, I opened up his jeans again and pulled down his waistband of his boxers. I knew what I wanted. I told him what I wanted. The name Hugh Grant was flying through my mind, but I didn't care. I was going to do it. He had his eyes closed, he was making more noise than i was. I guess i'm the strong silent type, lol. I pulled his cock out and got into a better position for my first taste. I went down on it, first licking the head then putting the head in my mouth. I pulled more of it out so I could have more of it. It was soft, yet hard. It was warm and it was big. I tried to swallow what I could. Up and down I went, licking it, sucking on it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd end up going down on someone that night :) Up and down the shaft I went, just like i'd seen in porn, lol. But it was way better when I was the one doing it.

After a while I went back to kissing him. Fuck i was hard. He was feeling me, having opened my shirt, touching me all over, he grabbed down and squeezed my cock. I kept on kissing him harder, I didn't want to let go. We had become totally involved, ignoring our surroundings, and just kissing and touching and hands all over each other like crazy. We held each other tighter and kissed even harder. The longer it went on the more passion there was. It was 100% pure unadulterated lust. Neither of us wanted to stop. This was the most amazing experience i've had in my entire life. Every time i said i think need to go, i gave in to his request for a few more minutes and it was like we were on fire. As if we didn't know when we'd see each other again and wanted to make the most of it.

Eventually I was the one who had to say I have to go, and I drove him to the subway station. It was probably around 3am and I had a long drive back. I had hoped i'd be able to sneak in unnoticed, and while I may be a little tired the next day, it was sure worth it! I was able to make it home and sneak in unnoticed. But i hope i'm not around when he gets a fine in the mail for going through a red light at 4am somewhere in Brooklyn.

Wow, what an experience. I couldn't believe everything I had just done. And in a car no less. It was everything I thought it would be, only more. It wasn't just that I was doing this for the first time, which in itself was hot. It was the fact i was doing it with him. We'd been chatting for a while, and i'd always thought he was cute. But I had thought maybe i shouldn't do anything with him, because i didn't want anything to come between us as friends. Not that something necessarily would, it was just a concern I had. As to how far we do go, who knows, but i want to find out :)

Jay is almost famous :)

I'm in the process of working on part 2 of the story, but i wanted to post a link to a friend's blog in which he wrote about me. Here is the link :) . Reading about my own life from someone else's viewpoint makes for very interesting reading. I'd love to know what you think. I'd write more but got to run...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh what a night! Part 1

This is longer than I expected so I decided i'll break the story into parts. Please comment and let me know what you think :)

Yesterday was a crazy day, and one that will always be remembered. It all started off with this date I had scheduled, with a girl lol. Well i was chatting to this guy and he was attending a friend's wedding nearby where i had to pick this girl up from. So I hoped I'd be a bit early so I could meet him. Well i took a shortcut, and ended up not knowing exactly which way i was supposed to go I thought maybe i'd missed my turnoff, so I doubled back only to realize I hadn't gone far enough, so i ended up wasting precious minutes until i got there. I had been in contact with him and told him to expect me in 10 minutes. I got there about 20 minutes before I was supposed to pick my date up. 20 measly minutes. I guess we'd have to make the most of them. I called him... and it rang and went to voicemail. I tried again a minute later. Same thing, and again when i tried a few minutes later. Time was running out. I called him again, only this time he answered. He had been drinking quite a lot. Nerves maybe? Or maybe just because there was an open bar, lol.

He came outside and got in my car. Ok he's here with me. Now what? I started to drive. What do you want to do? I asked him. I didn't know if he wanted a tour of my neighborhood or something else. I started to drive, and we talked. There was no way I was gonna show him around. I had him in my car, minutes slowly ticking by. I wanted to do something, something with him, in my car, something bad. I drove away from the jewish area, to a place that looked like it might be a bit secluded. I pulled over, and looked around, just to make sure there wasn't anyone around. Of course cars driving past all the time were making me nervous.

I just sat there and looked at him. I was scared to make the first move. Time was running out. I looked at him and said kiss me. He undid his seatbelt and leaned in towards me. I leaned in towards him. We closed our eyes, and our lips met for the very first time. It was everything i dreamed it would be, and more! Lips, tongue, kissing, sucking, lots of things were happening. I felt his stubbly beard, i loved it against my cheek. I could smell what he'd been drinking, lol. Not that it was a bad smell, just something i noticed. I was so excited i don't even remember what my hands were doing. But i knew what I wanted to do. I moved one hand down and felt his hardon through his suit pants. There was too much material separating me from his meat but it was the best we could do. It was hard :) I could feel it.

Unfortunately I needed to go already, so i needed to drop him off. I held his hand as I drove him back to the wedding hall. As i pulled up around the block I told him i had to go, he asked for 5 more minutes. I'm sorry to kick you out but i really have to go. Just give me 60 more seconds, he pleaded. I relented and gave him another kiss only to have a bus drive past and stop right in front of my car followed by a bunch of other cars. I stopped, and pulled back. I'm sorry, I have to go. Can i at least get a hug?, he asked. That I could do and we did and then i kicked him out of my car, lol. He almost forgot his cellphone on the front seat. I sent him on his way, then had to call him to let him know he had crossed the wrong street and was walking in the wrong direction. Man he must've had a lot to drink. I drove off once he said he could see the place and knew where to go.

I drove off, thinking about how I wanted to do more of that, and hated that I had to go. I should've come in an hour early, or two hours early just to see more of him. Why didn't I think of that?! As I drove to my date i texted a friend. 'I'm 5 minutes late for my date and I can't believe I just kicked out of my car a cute guy that i'd been making out with. Life isn't fair!'


Wow wow wow wow wow, i'm lost for words right now. Boy did i get up to some stuff last night. Stay tuned ;)


Friday, January 9, 2009

The long awaited visit to JQY

Well i actually did it, and it was a blast! Well not so much a blast as a fun, exciting, interesting and nerve racking experience. I had come to the city to attend my first JQY meeting. Having missed my chance to attend the December meeting, I knew January was gonna be the one. Well i hoped it would be anyway.

I had arrived early and didn't want to go in alone. Not that i was scared or anything, i just didn't want to have to walk in and go to the front desk and ask where the gay jews were meeting, lol. So i went for a walk, about 5 blocks away i got a text msg from someone that they were there and waiting for me. Well no backing out now... so i turned around and headed back in the direction of the JCC. Of course I nearly bumped into someone I knew, but i wasn't gonna back out now. I walked in the front door and there he was waiting, but i had to go through the metal detector first. Cellphone, wallet, watch, ipod, keys... it felt like forever till i was able to get through. I put out my hand, but he was waiting with open arms. Ok I can do a hug, lol.

We headed upstairs, there were only 1 or 2 others there, but we were early so what did i expect? They were people I recognized from facebook. I introduced myself, using my real name, lol. Slowly people began to show up, some i recognized, some i didn't. And the meeting began. We went around the table introducing ourselves. When the spotlight fell on me, I told them who I was, where I was from and where I lived. I also included that some of them may know me from my fake facebook profile Jay. They discussed the year, what they wanted for the future of the organization and other stuff. I probably would've spoken up a few times had the drink i was downing been vodka and not water. Oh well, there's always next time. Some guys did want to introduce some things more jewish and religious, but they were turned down. There's a time and a place for that, and it wasn't at this meeting.

After the meeting officially broke up, it was time for socializing. I was introduced to a bunch of people which was fun, getting to know them all. And then we moved on to a bar across the street, a gay bar in fact. I should've known it was a gay bar right when i walked in, from the crowd and the music that was playing, but i was oblivious to it, until the huge rainbow flag was pointed out to me on the wall behind me. Of course I didn't see 2 guys making out until a while later, but it was good not to feel weird looking at them. It was fun, had a drink, met some cool people, had quite a good time. A short while later I received a phone call which pretty much ruined my night and it was late, so I decided to go.

One thing i noticed which I wasn't expecting was many of them are just like any regular gay guy, only with a yarmulka on their head. I know that sounds funny. Some were really camp - i think thats the word. Walking in, kissing and hugging everyone. Not that there's anything wrong with it, i just wasn't expecting it. I was the guy who put my hand out to shake, only to find the other guy waiting for a hug, lol.

A while ago I was chatting with one guy who told me he didn't really like JQY - he thought the guys were were really clicky. And I could see where he was coming from. I don't want this to sound like a critique and i did have a good time, just there were times where i felt like the odd one out. At least thanks to my fake profile, i sort of knew some of them, so i didn't feel so awkward.

Anyway, overall it was great, and i can't wait for the next one :)


The non-post post

Well i went, and now i'm back. I'm exhausted and have to be up in 5 hours, so this won't be a long post. I'll write that when i get a chance. I have so much to say, about the meeting, the people, the afterparty and lots about me. I know that some attendees will be reading this, so i'm wondering if i may censor it a bit...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've lived thru another one

So tonight was date night again. Oh how could i describe it. Fun. Boring. Alcoholic. People. Bar. Waste of time. The most exciting part of the date was trying to watch the cute guy making out with his girl at the bar without getting spotted. I'd love to do that again sometime, lol.

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chat stuff

There's 2 days left in this poll, and we already have a strong result. 83% think i should post it, but i did contact the guy and he'd rather i didn't. We're in discussions and i hope they can be resolved soon. Having read through it all again it still blows my mind. I wish i could post the whole thing and send hundreds of people to read it, i'd love to see their reactions. Oh well, i'll keep you posted. In other news i'm hoping to head into the city on Thursday. There an organization for gay jewish youth that is having their monthly meeting and I thought i'd attend. It will be very weird meeting people i've chatted with online but never met face to face, or those that only know me as jay murray...

anyway, i'm exhausted, i think i'll have an early night.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last night :)

Well last night was fun. I was in the city for the weekend so I thought i'd meet up with a couple of guys I'd been dying to meet up with ever since I arrived. I booked one in for saturday night and the other one wasn't available. 1 out of 2 aint bad. So we met up in midtown and we had a blast :) . We went out to eat, we had coffee, and saw a movie. That is what a date is supposed to be like, only we weren't on a date. There were times where I thought i wish i could do things to him, but i wasn't sure. We were in public, and theater was full. We'd talked abut this before and I told him it sort of felt weird, cos we were friends, I didn't think we should do certain things, even though I wanted to. We got to Central Park and each went our separate ways. I can't wait to do it all again one day soon.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Should i post it or not?

Let me start with a Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope the coming year is as good a year as the last one was, if not better ;)

Now i've got a bit of a dilemma, and I thought i'd get some advice. I had a conversation with someone online, and some of the things he said about homosexuality just blew my mind. Like a serious WTF moment. It was so out there that i saved a copy of the conversation. I was thinking about posting it to see what people think of these ideas. But one thing stopped me - I hadn't told him I would. Of course I would change his name, and only use some excerpts, but still, so I thought i'd make a poll. You know how these work, it's in a box in the top right corner.