Monday, August 15, 2011

Making new mates, part 1

As i've blogged about time and time again, i'm always looking to make new friends. You just can't have too many and these ones are all normal!

The first one i'll talk about i'll refer to as B. I woke up one Sunday morning to a message from him on grindr. Yep i'd fallen asleep with without closing it so had quite a few. He was visiting from Sydney and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up with him and his mates for a drink that arvo. I had to think twice about it, its one thing if you know one of a group, but to not know anyone, I wasn't sure. But I bit the bullet anyway and met them at Wonderland on Chapel St.

It turned out he was a really nice guy and a few of his others friends were there too and we hit it off. They loved stories of my suicide bomber friend from the night before (see here). Of course B was flying out that night so after a good few drinks he caught a taxi and went to the airport. I stuck around with the others, met some others who were there, and then suddenly B calls. His flight is cancelled due to the volcano so he's coming back to rejoin the party. And rejoin he did, i was probably there drinking for 7 hours or so, lots and lots of wine. It must have affected the other guys quite a bit as twice someone kicked the table and ended up spilling wine all over me, but it was still a fun night.

The next guy I'll call D. I met him on manhunt. We'd been chatting a bit before I left for London, but decided to make some plans once I returned. This time we met at Orange Cafe in Windsor. Again, a really nice guy, a bit interesting and quirky, turns out he was Jewish too. Had some food and glass of wine and made plans to meet again soon. A week or so later we met up for lunch near where he worked. And then he gave me a tour of his office. I won't elaborate more on that, lol. I haven't heard from him in a while and haven't attempted to make contact but it's all good.

The next ones are S and J. They're kinda intertwined in that I'd been chatting on J who I met on Manhunt but was yet to meet him in person. The I met S on grindr (as one does). Anyway we'd been chatting for a while (still talking about S here) and OMG his profile pic is amazing. Torso only but wow! Just by looking at a pic like that tells me 'chat all you want, but he's way out of your league'. But chat is fine, a little flirting here n there, a few pics, and then he says to me that he knows he's going out on a limb but would I be up for meeting socially. Would I ever! (and no I wasn't thinking befriend him first, shag him later). Well we spoke first, we have very similar senses of humour, full of little pokes and digs at each other, we got along really well.

One night he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. Now that could've been a euphamism for something that I wasn't aware of (should've checked urban dictionary before I accepted), but I agreed. Since we met on Grindr after all, I knew he lived fairly close, and he was taking his dog for a walk. I'm not a dog person in general but he has the cutest little dog you've ever seen, it almost looks like a toy. We had a good walk, about 5km, chatting about everything under the sun. Of course he's jewish too, lol (who do so many people turn out to be jewish?!?). At one point he decided to take the dog to Alma Park for a bit as we were passing. For those that don't know, Alma Park is known to be a cruising area, especially at night. At the back of my mind I was thinking what is going on over here? Are we really going to Alma Park at night? What exactly is he trying to do? Heck if he wanted to do what this place is known for, all he had to do was ask, lol. But no, he just wanted to let his dog run around about, but it was too dark so it stayed on the leash, we did a circuit and left. Eventually I dropped him off home.

I think thats a great friends score if there ever was one. Will there ever be anything more? Probably not, we're sort of sexually incompatible, lol. But a good mate is a good mate :)

I made plans to meet up with J that weekend. We decided on the Greyhound which I hadn't been to in ages. And when I say ages I mean at least a year! Back then it wasn't the greatest place, but they'd done a renovation since then so I was curious to check it out. Of course then S texts me asking if I wanna go to the greyhound. So the night turns into a 3some (no not what you're thinking). I drove there with S and we had a drink till J showed up fashioinably late. Mmm what can I say, he's a really nice guy and it was a really enjoyable night. Drinks, dancefloor, drinks on the dancefloor (you don't wanna know), sometimes 2 of us, sometimes 3 of us. J and I stayed till they closed at 3. What else is there to do when you a place like that at 3am? Get a kebab from next door of course!

Now i'm not one to get carried away, but he was a nice guy :) Fast forward to the next morning where I made my way home... and that's the end of that episode. More coming soon!