Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bet you haven't seen this :)

And to think I almost met him on Sunday... oh well. But more on that in the next post!



Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! He's a great artist too and a cool symbol of Israel. Thx for posting it.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Way cool.

Your taste in music is inspired.

Jay said...

i try :)

Jeanne said...

I really liked this guy's take on a song that I have previously thought stupid, smarmy and just plain pretentious.
The way he sang it made the idea more serious and thoughtful. He's got a sexy voice and the bare instrumentation emphasized the words.
Excellent selection.
You done good, kid

Jay said...

Oh he has a great sexy voice :) And to think i just missed out on meeting him :( But more on that in my next post. Should be coming out within the next day or so

underneath said...

I love this!