Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been a big fan of Ellen, for a long long time now. And not just because Ellen is sugar free. Ellen has a great taste, that really lasts. Thanks Liz.

Some of you will be wondering WTF?! And some of you just had an aha moment. Well I thought it was hilarious, so enjoy :)



Mr. Z said...

Aww... I've loved her since I thought she was a strange blond bobbed housewife back on the Tonight Show (pre-Jay Leno).

She made it much easier for us in the US to be more out. There was pre-Ellen and post-Ellen.

Favorite shows of Ellen-or perhaps easiest to remember- were with big guest stars, especially Emma Thompson's(she won an Emmy in '97 for it), Martha Stewart's, and Mary Tyler Moore's where Ellen does this ridiculous lobster rescue attempt.

This Tulane commencement speech is classic Ellen! Thanks for sharing it:)

Jay said...

Any time :)