Monday, March 16, 2009

So much to write about.... it's crazy!

I promise i'll never wait such a long time between blog posts. Yeah it's been less than a week, but so much has happened it's been so crazy that I've had no time to actually get it down!

Ok so let me begin with Mr Z. Yeah we sorted things out, and things are going well. I know I was pretty mad at him, and some of you may wonder why on earth i'm still dating the guy. Well the truth is he explained everything, and apologized, and we sorted things out. I'm sure some of you thought WTF, dump the guy. But i'm not like that. And I really like him. So we are still dating (4+ weeks :) )

Last Sunday I had planned on attending a Purim party at Splash. I had a costume, I had everything. And then I got set up on a date, and the day 'picked' because of all the purim festivities was Sunday. Yep no way out, so I missed the party and wasted my night with a girl.

Anyway, the date finished early and I dropped the girl off. I then called Mr Z, and I drove to Manhattan to meet him. We had a really nice long discussion about things and issues and everything. And i spent the night, and went back home the following morning.

Monday was Purim. I had parties I planned to attend that night in the city. There was a house party, supposed to be followed by a party in a club. Pretty late in the day I decided to attend the GLBQ purim party at the JCC. It was earlier than my other parties, so I could attend it and still meet my straight friends at the other parties. Of course nothing ever goes to plan. I had an amazing time at the JCC party and didn't want to leave. At first I was worried about getting in pictures that would probably end up on facebook. But as it went on I began to feel much more at ease. It was great to actually meet some people in person that I'd only met online, or meet people that knew me as my Jay Murray, but not by my real name. Of course there were a bunch of people i met such as tkob, and other people that occasionally comment on this blog. People that I wouldn't meet at the meetings, or just new people that I was interested in getting to know. I received invites to go to the gay synagogue, I exchanged telephone numbers, made contacts with people from my own community and elsewhere and I was really glad to have met them and increased my gay circle of friends - in person this time :) It was so much fun I ended up staying till the end when it was almost midnight. I decided to skip the house party I was going to attend, and since i was already on the UWS, I decided to pay Mr Z a visit. I ended up missing the other party I was going to attend and spent the night with Mr Z. The rest of purim was very funfilled but I won't go into that on here.

I think thats enough for tonight. More to come tomorrow :)



Anonymous said...

g'morning sunshine :)

i,m so glad everithings going smooth btw you & z, and i just realized how privilleged i am to know your real name.

(pls infuture try to avoid leaving a disstress msg and then let it go for over 22 hrs with hear-noevil seen-noevil)

the non-jewish guy :)

David said...

Your Purim was 100x better than mine. Glad you had a great time.

Jay said...

I did have a good time. A really good time :)

tkob said...

It was great meeting you at the JCC Purim party. I hope it helped you feel more comfortable.

Jay said...

it did tkob, thanks :)