Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My new beau :)

Wow, i'm really enjoying being with Mr Z. I met up with his again and actually showed him my previous blog post. We had a really nice night together. We met up for drinks (well i had a drink) and when he arrived we went back to his place. I had some things going through my mind, it was only the second time we'd met, but he seemed like he was interested in more, and there were some things he said that put me at ease which made me think yeah i'm not the only one who wants to be more than friends. Having just arrived back in the country he asked me if i was again able to stay for 3 months and i told him in fact I was able to stay for 6 months without having to leave. His response was something along the lines of 'now I can get attached to you'. We went to his room and it looked like he'd done a bit of a spring cleaning and he said something like 'when you're bringing someone around that is boyfriend material...'. That was nice :)

We went to pick up some supplies for a night in. Vodka, a bottle of Baron Herzog kosher wine, soda and some snacks. He then proceeded to make some dinner. Since i was going to have some too, he looked at everything he used if it was kosher. I showed him the OU symbol that was on most of the ingredients he wanted to use, but i vetoed the chicken stock. I know from a strict kosher perspective that just because the ingredients are kosher, it doesn't mean the food is kosher. The utensils need to be kosher too, but i don't mind. I had some and it tasted great, even without the stock, lol. It's nice to see that he's trying to learn more about where I come from. Apparently wikipedia came in handy for him over the past couple of days.

I met his sister who was nice. I wondered what she thought about me. Apparently his friends and family had a few concerns about me. I think my status as a young, closeted religious jewish guy was the cause of concern, but I didn't want to ask too much. We were going to watch a movie on tv but cablevision was having some issues, so we just lay in each others arms on the couch drinking wine, talking and watching reruns of the Golden Girls, lol.

We seemed to be on the same track, interested in the same things and wanting to see where this was gonna go, so i'm very pleased. Eventually it got quite late and we retreated to his room, and whatever happened behind closed doors that night or the following morning will stay between us ;) . I will say though it was nice to fall asleep lying next to him, being able to touch him, and wake up in the same position next to this hot guy.

We both had things to do so after coffee and breakfast I left. We made plans for today to go on a real date and discussed different things we could do. A movie, a museum, the planeterium, the list goes on. Well it's almost time for that date, so I gotta get a move on.

Have a good night,


Yaakov said...

wow! everything sounds so great. i guess i would suggest that you try not to become too attached too quickly, since you've only just met and who knows if this is going anywhere. but don't worry too much about that - you're enjoying each other and that is all that matters. i'm really happy for you :)

David said...

Sounds wonderful. He seems to be saying a lot of the right things. You never know, but enjoy the ride wherever it leads you.

Jay said...

Everything is great, and I'm very happy the way things are working out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very positive. I'm getting good vibes from your post. He sounds like a very caring person.