Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nice ad

It's an old one, but funny, yet cute, with a serious message, and i love the song too!

And it's connected to what I want to write about! Safe sex. A hot topic, at least in my mind ;)

Of course safe sex is all most people talk about. Use a condom! Most people have told me to make sure i use a condom when i get laid. which makes sense and i'm not stupid, not gonna whore myself out to the world and play dangerously, lol. Obviously if you're in a committed relationship and you're both clean, then one could do it bareback.

But it's something i think i'd like to try. I asked 1 of the guys i plan on playing with, he said he only plays safe. But i asked him about bareback, and he said that he's clean (got tested recently cos he did some medical) but he'd leave it up to me. On one hand we've gotten so close, and there's so much personal stuff that he's told me about that he hasn't told his closest friends. I trust him, i really do. Obviously i'd have to come to terms with all the what ifs, but it's definitely something i'm considering.

No-one told me to go for it. Some said never play bareback with someone you don't really know. Others said said only if i feel comfortable with it. I guess like with everything i'll have to wait and see.



Yaakov said...

yeah, going bareback or not is obviously ur call. the idea of it sounds so hot, i have to admit. personally, if i were in ur position, i would probably use a condom at first, and im sure it would still feel amazing. and in time, if i get to know the guy better, maybe bareback could happen too. either way, im sure ull enjoy. and i hope u do! :)

dpaste said...

It's your decision, but speaking from someone who has gone that route in the past, the momentary pleasure is never worth the nagging worry of "what if" that persists until you get tested. Especially considering the high percentage of guys who believe they are negative when they are, in fact, positive.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with David more .. I've been down the same route and while luckily I'm still negative have friends not have enough luck as myself. Is it really worth it?

Jay said...

Is it really worth it? I don't really know how to answer that one. I think i'll take things as they come. And of course i'll blog about it ;)


Discotheque GQ said...

It sounds like we've all tried it and sort of felt regret afterwards. I had unsafe sex with this really hot ex-military construction guy one time, and it bothered me til I got tested twice within a year. The pleasure is absolutely temporary, but the consequences can be permanent.