Sunday, October 12, 2008

I need more sleep!

Thats right, i need more sleep! Everyone thinks i sleep too much. But it's not true, i'm just up really really late, chatting to people from all over the world, watching tv shows online, watching porn (lol), and in general just enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with everyone else being asleep. I used to catch up on my sleep on weekends, when i 'couldn't' be online, but now that nothing is stopping me, i just don't have the time. So i thought i'd share one of my new favorite porn vids. It's by Randy Blue, Leo and Colby and here's a few pics from it.

click here (unless you're too young or may be offended)

Colby is alright, but Leo is HOT!!!! Like on fire kind of hot! Wouldn't mind if he knocked on my front door :)

Anyway, i gotta head off. Enjoy the pics and the porn and i'll catch you later.


Yaakov said...

well as for me, the secret's out in that my family knows that i go to sleep late lol. btw im already downloading the vid that u posted :)

Anonymous said...

ok, you're now officially a stranger. - Anonymous you used to talk to

Jay said...

ok anonymous anonymous, come online and we can chat!

dpaste said...

This was one of the best videos they've done in a while. I actually love Colby because he always looks like he's having a good time. But yeah, that Leo is smokin',