Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another excuse for a post :)

Besides the fact that i had save a couple hot pics that i wanted to post, i thought i'd add a poll. I wanted to get some kind of idea as to who my readers are. I know some of you, but others not at all. While i happen to be Jewish and quite/sort of/a bit religious and i discuss my life from that perspective, now that i've been posting for about 8 months or so, I'm very curious to what kind of readers i have. Not the ones i know about but the ones that still visit yet i know nothing about

Anyway, enjoy the pics and have a great week/weekend/moed/chag


dpaste said...

I voted in the poll, but since I'm Jewish, Conservative, I had to vote as Other.

Can't say I was happy about that.

Jay said...

Sorry about that David. A bit after posting i realised i probably would've offended some people with the categories i chose. Mea Culpa. I stupidly decided against restarting the poll. But maybe I should. If you were to do a similar poll what would your possible choices have been?