Sunday, October 5, 2008

My 'type'?!?

I've been asked numerous times what my type is. I wasn't sure i had a type. I like hot guys, lol. Can that be a type? Since i don't date at all, i can't tell you about the type of guys i've dated. What about the porn i download you may ask? Well i usually start off with the most seeded files and look at the pics of the certain video. If the pics do it for me then good, otherwise i'll skip it. So there tends to be a selection of short movies of the corbin fisher/sean cody/chaos men type, plus a selection of longer movies with a 'storyline' (yeah if porn can have a storyline!). Category wise, i first go thru jocks and hunks and then move on to others.

One thing i've noticed however is with the guys i'm really into. Guys i've chatted with and gotten quite close with almost to the point of falling for them. They always seem to be in their mid-30s. And they all happen to be in relationships. And they all at some point have some relationship problems. Now what the hell is up with that? Breaking up, getting back together, "why doesn't he listen to me? Why is he so inconsiderate? I hate him!" I seriously don't know why i'm so into these guys. And it's not like i hear they're in a relationship and then i'm into them, it's always the ones i fall for that turn out to be taken, or semi taken, or sort of broken up but getting back together, or wanting to break up. it's crazy! I'm glad they feel comfortable enough that they can open up to me, but really what advice can they expect from me? I'm Mr 'closested and never been in a relationship'. This last guy i've been chatting to is in the middle of a longish relationship, like 5+ years. He says the first year was great, but the rest have sucked. I so want to tell him that he should've dumped the guy years ago if he's such a bastard. But is it my place to criticise or give him such 'practical' advice.

At least one of them is going to read this and i wonder how mad he'll be at me. My first guy. The first guy i fell for. The first guy i did lots of things with. I was so into him that when i heard he was having issues i thought maybe they'd break up so i could have him. Yeah like i had a chance, lol. Another guy has no clue how into him i am. But he's not single either. We're in contact every now and then which is fun :)

Wait another thing that turns me on is hair. I really get into guys with short trimmed beards or other facial hair. Thats a real turn on. That and chest hair. Again, not too much, just enough to be really hot! Lol, maybe i should include some pics. So here are some. Enjoy. (the last one is another hottie :) )

I think i should post pics more often! Thanks to Someinatree for the pics!



Yaakov said...

hot pics! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jay! You certainly have good taste in men! And lots of men will find you to be super hot too!

Your #1 fan in Canada

Jay said...

Thanks guys :)