Saturday, October 3, 2009

The rest of the weekend and then some

I guess this could be called a continuation from the previous post.

Friday night and shabbat were pretty boring. I stayed home in Brooklyn and didn't go anywhere exciting. Saturday night rolled around and I was dying to head out. I go on facebook and a friend is on. Have I heard of the Tall Gay Agenda? he asks. Nope. Well it's a facebook group he found and membership requires you to be 6'2 or taller (not quite sure how they confirm that via facebook). Anyway they were having a monthly get together at the Stonewall. Was I interested? Sure I was! It sounded interesting and I'd never been to the Stonewall.

While waiting for him outside some guy offered me some blow on the street. Surprise surprise I did not take him up on the offer. What can I say but there alot of tall men in there. And anyone who wasn't tall suddenly looked really short. We met a few people while waiting for drinks. One cute guy I was chatting to disappeared, but there were some others including a group we went upstairs with. One guy in particular was pretty into me, we spent much of the night chatting. Eventually it was time for us to go but we exchanged numbers and will be hanging out this weekend. The drinks at stonewall sucked though. Like really bad. Bottles only if I ever go there again.

We moved on to another party. This time a house party hosted by the director of Trembling Before God - Sandi Dubowski. It was his birthday, and a few more friends were on their way there too so off to the east village we went. It was raining but couldn't hail a cab so we walked it. And the place was packed! Lots of new randoms, some i'd love to have gotten it on with. And someone thought there was weed in the birthday cake. I'm not sure if there was but not like i'd complain anyway. I also spotted someone there that I knew. I don't know if he recognized me but I certainly recognized him, and he left soon after I got there. Not sure if I should read anything into that. Eventually it was time to head home.

Yom Kippur was coming up the following night and I really didn't have any major plans. I thought maybe i'd pop into the local synagogue for a bit. I probably wouldn't fast. And then something happened. A friend from the city mentioned he was thinking of going to CBST. Well that was all the push I needed. We met up outside the Javits Center in Manhattan. Apparently it's the only (or one of the only) high holiday services in Manhattan that is free, so it attracts straight people as well as GLBT. As you do, you bump into people that you know, or just recognize from facebook - there was a good few thousand people there, how could you not? We saved a few seats for some people we saw. All 5 of us were there and it was a really nice evening. Besides the fact that across the aisle on my left were a couple hotties, and someone that came with one of my friends was pretty cute too. He was too many seats across that I couldn't really start a conversation with him, but at least I could look at him.

Growing up orthodox all I ever knew was one way of praying. Sit there, read the words, understand them or not, just say them. It was one reason I didn't really care for prayer that much. But these services were really enjoyable. It was honestly the first time in a long time I could say I enjoyed synagogue services. Maybe it was the mix of prayer and music and choir and rabbi's comments, but it was fun. Afterwards a bunch of us went outside, there's kind of a balcony overlooking the west side highway and the hudson and NJ since people traffic flowing out of the hall was going so slow. Of course when we finally made it out it seemed almost like a JQY meeting. All the people that you know, but didn't know were there that night. Mr Splash and his baby, and a bunch of others too, just chatting away and socializing. I thought maybe i'd actually come back the next day too (but that didn't end up happening). It was a nice night out and the friend I came with was walking back to Union Square so we headed off together. As we passed through Chelsea, who did we see but the tall cute guy we both noticed at the Phoenix a few nights earlier! That was just random and funny. And again he was alone :(

I got back home and was hungry and thought why should I bother fasting if I don't do so many other things (yeah I know that's a slippery slope). So I had something to eat. I didn't make it back to CBST the next day, I pretty much stayed at home and chilled. I did decide I would fast the rest of Yom Kippur, and i'm glad I did.

The next day was an exciting day. Lunch with Mr Subway :) It had been postponed a few times and was really looking forward to it. I met him near his work and we went to a place called Cosi. I had a really nice time, he seems like a fun guy, and he mentioned he had a boyfriend, who he met a few weeks before he met me. FML. I mean don't get me wrong, it's nice that he has a boyfriend, and when we first met he did tell me his love life was complicated. We did have a nice lunch though and walked around a bit, and he's a really nice guy. It's just that I wouldn't have minded an invite back to his place at some point for some... um you know what, lol.

Lastly I had another date (with a girl) this week. Yeah thats a real FML. And it was bad, like really bad. I ended it as soon as I could without being rude. Really, what a nerd! There's no other way to describe her. Since I had a car I took my sister out to eat in Flatbush at some kosher place which was absolutely packed! While there I saw some people I knew. There were 4 guys, 2 were a couple, and someone else I recognized. Does that mean he's gay? No. But he's single, and older than me. Really made me wonder!

Anyway, I have to head off, going to meet the guy I met at the Stonewall. And yes I'm having a fabulous sukkot, lol.

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