Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok I'll admit it, i'm a shameless flirt :)

This week has been funfilled to say the least! I was out on Wednesday touring the city with some family in town from overseas. Ok that wasn't the fun part, but during dinner I started thinking about plans for the night. It's wednesday, haven't been to the Phoenix in a while and I had a friend who lives nearby. Before I could get in touch with him, he messages me. We both now had plans for the night.

The Phoenix gets quite crowded on Wednesday nights, cheap beer and gay guys, what more could you want? It was just the two of us but it was great to catch up. There was one tall very handsome guy who seemed a bit lost. Maybe he was there by himself. Did his friends ditch him? Was he just looking to hookup? Anyway by the time my friend left the tall guy had company. I stuck around for a bit only to see the tall guy leave alone. The place was emptying out so I thought about heading over to Eastern Bloc, but I walked outside and it was raining, so i decided to call it quits and just went home.

On Thursday I got a text that said 'Splash 10.30?' When do I ever turn down an invite to Splash? There was a few guys already there and more on the way. We sat down at the bar, had some drinks, caught up, and then it was time to hit the dancefloor. Soon enough someone waltzed over and introduced himself. We danced a bit, got talking. I told him where I was from and he responds "Are you fucking with me?" And there was my cue. "No", I replied, "but i'd like to be". He bought me a drink, we went back to the dancefloor. Dancing we got closer and closer and then we kissed. And we kissed alot, right in the middle of the dancefloor. At one time I thought i spotted more of my friends there out of the corner of my eye but we were too busy. We decided to head downstairs where there were some couches for more of the same. Eventually I told I wished we were back at his place. He didn't need any convincing, he led the way outside into a waiting cab and back to his place we went. I won't bore you with all the sordid details from that night, suffice to say it was fun and I stayed till morning :).

The next day I had lunch plans with a friend who was visiting from the UK. He'd been here quite a few times while i've been here but we never managed to connect. Finally it looked like it was going to work. I took the subway to a place called Gascogne, a quaint french bistro in Chelsea. We had a nice time, he's a really nice guy, the food was good, the wine was good, and he was good company. After a couple hours we finished, said our goodbyes and went on our way. I took the subway home, having been gone close to 18 hours.

I've got so much more to write about. My weekend, Yom kippur, Mr Subway, but I figured I won't leave you hanging any more, i'll try to post more frequently and not have each post be thesis-length.

Have a great night, i've got a car and i'm going to enjoy the night.


David said...

Good Lord but you've become the smooth operator. I am in awe.

Jay said...


Happy bday, sorry i missed the party