Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No sex, but lots of drugs, alcohol and rock n roll

All my posts are on a time delay due to circumstances beyond my control but i'm getting through them, slowly. So it was after the jewish festival of simchat torah (or the night before columbus day - take your pick) And it was time to go out of course!

This time it was a different friend. A straight girl who loved going out as much as I do. We began in the East Village at 3 of cups. After a drink we moved on to Arrow. While it was my first time there, it was clearly a smaller crowd than normal due to the march that day in DC. Dancing, drinking and off to Eastern bloc for more of the same. Then it was time to hit Chelsea, beginning with the G lounge. There it actually got busier and we danced and drank away. Before leaving I had to say goodbye to Jacob the gorgeous bartender who funnily enough had just returned from a trip to where i'm from.

Time for the last stop, Splash. That was where things started to get wild. After dancing for a while my dance partner needed a break, so I danced alone. But I wasn't alone for long. Two guys came up to me and we started dancing. They wanted me to go home with them but I wasn't interested in the slightest. I actually had my eye on another guy there. I seem to have a thing for tall handsome guys :) I got a drink, as did he, and we started chatting. We then did some more stuff with our lips but we certainly weren't chatting! He seemed keen, he asked for my number. Mmm what did that mean? Asking for my number already? He told me to follow him. Downstairs is another bar, another DJ, couches, and the bathrooms. Well it wouldn't be the first time I went in there for some privacy with a guy. He closed the door behind me, but we didn't do what I thought we'd be doing. He pulled out a little plastic bag filled with white powder. Yep, thats what I thought it was. We both did a line there and then went back upstairs. There's a first time for everything, and I expected to feel something different, but it was still cool.

I wanted to head back to his place, but he was actually out celebrating a friends birthday and was going to go to his friends who had already left. Would I join him? Of course I would! We walked to his friends place nearby. A beautiful, but empty pad. 3 bed, 3 bath, nice balcony overlooking 7th Avenue. It had been bought, but not furnished yet, renovations still to be done. His friends were out on the balcony having a cigarette and drinking champagne, so we joined in. My guy was originally from Germany, the birthday boy was born in Israel and one of the others was from London. Funny that most of us were jews.

He gave me a tour of the empty condo. Really how much time is needed to show a person an empty bedroom? The answer to that question depends on what you want to do with them in that empty bedroom. And the answer to that is how long can we be away for before they start wondering where we are? So eventually it was time to go back to the main room and have more champagne. An iphone was acting as a stereo. And there on the granite kitchen benchtop were more lines of coke just waiting for someone to come to them with a rolled up bill. It was seriously the most crazy night i've ever had. Because the place was empty thats all there was. Bottles of champagne, a miniature bottle of vodka, cigarettes and cocaine. I spent the entire night talking, dancing, drinking, smoking and snorting. No really, i did. Till the sun came up and it was time to leave.

We all left and went our separate ways. I was home by 8am and it was seriously the most insane thing i'd ever done. I guess you can call me a bad boy now, as opposed to the angel i've always been.

good night,


Anonymous said...

good girls gone bad... :D

Kelly said...

i miss those days of staying up drinking, drugging and just staying up all night having fun... the hangovers usually killed me though...

Anonymous said...

What's worse, some sick fucking predator who harrasses people hiding behind a fake name and tries to out others or Eli Rubin? Oh wait, they're one and the same.

Anonymous said...

OMG...'snorting'!!!...i cant believe you did that!!!
-that's just a....'literary hyperbolization'

JM never does 'snorting' right!