Saturday, October 31, 2009

What the f*ck?!?! Part 2

So now on with the story about Eli Rubin, the crazy chick (who i'll call X), and how they're all connected. I got home after the partying and called a friend. I mentioned this random girl. He said it sounded like someone that he knew of, named X. Time and time again he went out places, to bars, or parties or random trips in a number of countries and she randomly appears. Visit to a jerusalem bar? She's there. Party in NYC? She's there. A bus to Hebron? Yep, she's there.

Well soon after I found a message in my facebook inbox. "so whats up with that X girl?! .....she seemed to have come last night to kinda find out who you are... which i thought was odd. because she asked me if i was there for the "blog party" and i said i was there for a goodbye party... then she asked me what ur full name was and i said "i dont do names" - anyway, she left me with a bad feeling... whats the story?"

Now that weirded me out. I had thought nothing of it. Funny though that my friend I spoke to actually knew who the hell I was talking about, once i mentioned a random girl showing up, as confirmed by the message that he had the right girl. Now it seemed i might need to be concerned about her. The fucker had told me he would have someone attend my party to take pics of me. While I didn't think he would, you never really know what stalkers can do. (BTW if anyone saw pics from the night please forward them to me, i'd love to know how fabulous I looked! lmao). What was his connection to her? I had no idea.

Another good friend got really mad at what was going on, and decided he'd get to the bottom of it. And he did. He's clearly got contacts everywhere! So this is what we discovered Eli Rubin did. He has a good few hundred facebook friends, so he made a facebook event. Same time, same place as my goodbye party. The event essentially announced that he had a blog and he'd be revealing who he is and his blog at the party and invited everyone to come. X was the only person that came. I guess he hoped more people would actually give a damn about 'his' identity and show up. He's probably friends with a bunch of religious jews and hoped they'd come.

He still uses facebook to try and get some dirt on me. His status practically every single day is about me, I don't know what his problem is. Clearly he has no life or he might actually be out doing something rather than spending every day trying to destroy mine. And i know he's going to read this so i've got a little message for him. You really suck at throwing parties, but mine was a blast. You should've come!


Anonymous said...

please promis me you'll beat him if you ever find out who this bitch is!! still love reading your posts!

Jay said...

Ahahaha. . . wish someone stalked me!


Anonymous said...

I am glad I could help. Like you said in the post, the minute you said 'X' I knew who it was. lmao. Nice post. Now I will re-emphasize, Rubin, stay the fuck away, you dirty low-life