Friday, October 30, 2009

My last week in NYC :(

I started up the week meeting a friend for dinner. We'd been friends for quite a while but since he's not out or anything so whenever I socialize with the gay boys he's never there. We ate at a new place called schnitzel express in midtown, and then went walking towards the Intrepid. We met up with his boyfriend, well maybe not boyfriend, but the guy he is seeing, and another friend of his and we went out for a coffee. We said our goodbyes and I ended up just walking the streets of Hells kitchen.

I got home to find a bunch of comments on my blog. Someone had found out my identity and was trying to broadcast it to the world. I've already written about him and there's more to come on that in my next post.

That Thursday it got really cold and rained most of the day but nothing was going to put a dampener on that night as it was my going away party at Vlada. Originally I wasn't planning on making anything but Mike practically organized it so who was I to argue? The plan was to take over upstairs, but a message went around to all the attendees that it was moved downstairs (i saw it after the party). It was good to see alot of people I hadn't seen much of recently. Mr subway came, as did PhD (still not quite sure what is up with that. Did i misread him entirely?!?!). It was actually funny because I had posted in my facebook status about the party and it would be upstairs at Vlada. I noticed people at different times going upstairs, seeing nothing there and then coming back down and leaving. I wondered if they were some of Jay's friends who had shown up because of that status. I guess i'll never know.

The night wore on and the crowd dwindled until there were only a handful of people left. And then some random chick shows up. She was the only person that I'd never met and seemed to be there for my party. She started asking me questions, and while i'd had quite a few to drink (some paid for and some shouted ;) ) I can't remember what i told her. I really had no idea who she was and didn't particularly care (more on her in the next post).

Some people had gone home, some had gone to Splash. And I decided to make a move, so I popped in too. While I love splash and really miss it, this wasn't one of their better nights. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but it was a lights out party with everyone wearing glostick necklaces. I don't need any light to dance, but i like being able to see the boys around me. I did finally meet Justin, who was a party promoter there. And the small group of my friends had a great night (except for a missing blackberry but that was found eventually). For some time I was dancing, and I was holding hands with a cute guy next to me. Yes he was dancing with someone else (I'm assuming a bf) so I was his dirty little secret and we made sure never to get caught, that was fun :) Too bad that was all it was going to be. Eventually it was time to head home and say goodbye to the place i'd had so much fun at in the big apple.



David said...

You will be missed. Now on to your next adventure.

Anonymous said...

(This comment was posted. At first i rejected it, but then thought maybe i'll let people know what he thinks.)

you mechalel shabas faggot

Z said...

Will you keep blogging?
I'm addicted to your blog-:)

Jay said...

Glad to have you as a reader, and as long as I have readers i'll keep on blogging. I won't let one asshole stop me

Anonymous said...

well Jay, having Z follow is an accomplishment of its own. he is a pillar in our society, at least in my world here in NYC.

oh btw howd the guy know u were being michalel shabbos if he and we do not know where in the world you are now... i on the other hand are disgracing the shabbath at this very moment so F U Mr. Anonymous #1! [didnt know if ur allow !#$%^& on ur comment page, lol]

p.s. nyc misses u too, i'd say i do but like ur friend u wrote about in the beginning i never met you :(

Jay said...

Well i found Z's blog and am glad he reads mine. Though I must be sure to meet him when i'm next in NY ;)

As for the guy, he's a nutjob, and i blog about being michalel shabbos so it's not really that hard to figure out.

And whenever I come back to NY, feel free to say hi