Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting some, missing out on some, then getting some, and then getting some more!

Sorry this is so long but it's been a long time coming!

Well Mr Fire Island had the flu, so that was out for the weekend. But there was still Mr Stonewall. I got in touch with him and we planned to meet on Saturday. He lived not too far from me so I ended up walking there. The night consisted of lots of alcohol, thai food, pot, and fun on his couch and in his bed, both in the evening, later that night and again the next morning, lol. And then I went home and just hung out, waiting for the jewish holiday of sukkot to finish.

On monday I met up with a friend Steve for dinner at some Italian place in greenwich village and then a bar hop. It was a lot of fun and we hadn't seen each other in quite a while. We began with a visit to Gymbar, which was fun. We then moved on to the G lounge, which was it's usual self on a monday night, pretty dead. Jacob (the hot bartender) wasn't there and there wasn't many people there. I headed to the bathroom and thats when I saw him, Mr Phoenix. You know, the tall, handsome guy I first saw at the Phoenix, then in Chelsea on yom kippur night. And again he was sitting alone. I decided this was it, when I came out i would go over to him and say hi. Only I came out and he was gone. WTF?! Steve thought I was hallucinating, but I wasn't! He really was there. I checked out the rest of the place, and yep he was gone. So we stayed for a drink. There were a couple of cute guys but they were clearly a couple.

We headed off and moved on to Splash. Time for some showtunes as musical mondays! So as we were on our way I saw 2 religious jewish kids walking around. They looked like they'd just gotten off the boat, maybe from boropark?! They were probably around 15 or 16 and they turned onto W 19th st just as we turned off. They couldn't have been going to G lounge or anything like that could they? And what the hell were they doing in Chelsea at a time of night like this, dressed in their religious garb? I asked if I could help and they said they were looking to play pool. That was one thing I didn't know of in a nearby location. Bars? Yep. Clubs? Yep. Pool? No. I considered telling them off in Yiddish but that probably would've freaked them out. It would've been funny though. So off we went to Splash.

It was fun and it was his first time there on such a night. There a guy there that reminded me of the tall dark handsome guy i'd been seeing everywhere. Of course he was with another guy, a short blond twink and they were very obviously together. Then Shoshana Bean was introduced and did a few numbers. Some pop songs from her album, and some from shows she'd been in. Scott Nevins introduced her and damn he's cute! Once she'd done her show who do I see but tall, dark, handsome guy #1 (TDHG1). No seriously, i wasn't hallucinating thank god! Of course before I could go up to him TDHG2 makes a beeline for him. Steve had to leave cos he's actually got a job, but I stick around for a bit, finishing off my beer and keeping an eye on these two. They start talking and the twinky boyfriend goes away for a bit. These 2 guys head for the booths at the back and begin making out. Like seriously WTF?! I just missed out on both of them?! FML! There whole time they were there and I was drinking the twinky bf kept searching for his guy. Too bad he never looked at the back of the place. I probably should've given him a few hints, lol. One guy came up to me and asked me if I did any modelling. No seriously, he did. He said he was visiting from Peru and thought I was very handsome. Well thanks, but back to my guys.

At one point TDHG2 went for a bit and TDHG1 was just standing there. I figured i don't care what reaction I get, I just need to go over to him and say hi, and the next thing I know, someone puts down a beer next to me and says thats for you. Great, just what I wanted. Some fucking guy to buy me a beer. Well I wasn't going to tell him to get lost or I wasn't interested. So we smalltalked for a bit. Just long enough for TDHG2 to come back and leave together with TDHG1. Anyway this guy who bought me the beer was from Brisbane, Australia and was visiting the US. And I wasn't interested in the slightest. So I pretty much left soon after and went home.

Wednesday it was time to go out yet again. Wednesday night is usually east village night. Starting with the Phoenix. I met up with a friend there for a few beers. It was nice and chilled. We went out for a smoke and there was a group of guys we got chatting to. We also got asked to byt some randoms if we'd mind doing a survey for them. They were from Hunter college and they basically gave you a pda and it went through asking questions, about your sexual practices, and alcohol and drug habits. It was anonymous of course. Too bad they didn't come to me a couple weeks later as I'd have had more to answer and maybe i'd actually have qualified for the survey (and i know you're curious about that. Future blog post!)

My friend needed to head off, he worked and went to school so I started walking with him. But then I thought a couple of those guys were going to cab it to brooklyn, and I was heading to brooklyn. So i may as well join them (and one of them was cute so that didn't hurt either). The 3 of us jumped in a cab and went towards home. We first dropped off one guy, and suddenly it's just me and the cute guy in the back seat. One thing led to another and i'm sure you can guess what happened but i'll tell you anyway. Hands roamed, lips touched. Lots of kissing and making out in the back seat. I wonder what the taxi driver thought. Not that I care, i'm just curious! We got dropped off at his place, said hi to the cat and had lots of fun!

Rather than staying the night I went home because I was heading out to Long Island early that morning. I decided if i went to sleep for a couple hours I'd probably end up sleeping through my alarm so it was to be an all-nighter. I got home watched some tv, had something to eat before heading out again to the subway.

Fast forward to that night. I had been looking forward to this event for a long time. It was the annual GLBT sukkah party at the JCC. This month there was no JQY meeting so it looked like this was going to be my last hurrah. Pretty much all my gay Jewish friends were going to be there, as well as others I'd never met before. Made a bunch of new friends, had more alcohol than food, and spent the night mingling and socializing. Wait, they mean the same thing, right? Anyway the party was supposed to go till 10 and by 10.30 security wanted us out of there. As what usually happens after these events we get herded outside and people just hang around there until we decide where to go. We ended up in Splash, heading there in a couple groups. The Israelis and their 'host' went first, followed by another 4 of us.

We got there and headed straight for the dancefloor. After a bit me and one of the guys got a drink, and things moved on from there. We left Splash quite early (much earlier than I usually do) and headed back to his place. While it wasn't that late unfortunately the lack of sleep the previous night got to me. I will say though we more than made up for it the next morning :)

That Friday night was shmini atzeret, and I got invited out to a friends place for dinner. As per usual some people there I knew and some I didnt, but got to know them quite well throughout the night. The food was great! Compliments to the chef. Wine flowed non stop, it was really a fun night. After dinner we decided to head out. It was friday night, which usually means Rockit! Unfortunately, rather than take my wallet with me for the night, i left it at home and took things I thought i'd need. Cash. ATM card. Metrocard. That's right, i left my id at home. Was I really going to go all the way home to get it? You betya! I subwayed back home, giving directions to 3 lost middle aged white women in from DC for the weekend, and then back to rockit. And i'm glad I did. My friends were still there and I hit the dancefloor. I seriously love NYC. I have so much freedom! I ended up dancing with a guy from Turkey who was a law student in NY. Well we did more than dance, but he eventually left to go to his friends that were waiting for him outside. I went back to my friends and we left not long after. The israeli boys took the subway home so I went with the LA boy for some pizza. He was staying with a friend in Chelsea so we went our separate ways after that.

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Jay said...

One of my readers read this post and says to me, that's not quite how I remember it! This is his recollection of Splash after the sukkah party. "We went downstairs for a drink and then came back up and you 2 were in the middle of a heavy make out session". Couldn't have said it better myself :)