Sunday, October 25, 2009

What the f*ck?!?!

So i'm sure plenty of you want to know what the hell has been going on with me. Well I went out a few weeks ago, doing the thing I do in New York, and I got back home and found a few startling things. Someone had commented on my latest blog post "A we are going to miss you in B". A being my real name, and B being the place where I lived. I also had received an email from some random yahoo address with similar message, only this time they also mentioned where I was from. And I totally freaked out. Who was it? Was someone playing a joke on me? Was someone trying to out me? Who had found out this info and what did they want? The first thing I did was delete the comment. I also replied to the email. Things went back and forth. He told me his first name and where he was from but I didn't believe a word of it.

Eventually I decided to turn moderation on for all comments, and i made my blog invite only until I could figure out what to do about this situation. Of course he informs me that he's made copies of everything i've written on my blog so far, lol. Not that he really did, but what a bored soul!

I also received a message to my real facebook account from a person saying "wow you're jay murray?!". This person (i won't reveal his 'name' here) has been known to harrass other young gay jews, as well as write very inappropriate things on their walls. In short he has pissed alot of people off. He began emailing me links to things online that mentioned me. Well 2 could play at that game. One of my 'friends' emailed me his real name and I googled him. I found his real facebook profile and his linkedin profile (with info on where he works). He denied it was him but my money says it is. He also emailed some people informing them that the Jay Murray blog is [insert my real name]. I'm not sure how many people he sent that to, but at least one of my friends got it. He also mentioned that he'd have someone at my going away party taking pics of me.

I think thats enough explanation for part 1. There's more to come in a part 2, but i think I need to finish off some other posts before I get on to that, so have a great day :)


Godfrey said...

oh man. that's scary. i'm so sorry jay. :(

Anonymous said...

What's worse, some sick fucking predator who harrasses people hiding behind a fake name and tries to out others or Eli Rubin? Oh wait, they're one and the same.

Anonymous said...

gosh J, one thing's for sure:you cant say your life is boring man!!!
as ive mentioned to you:you should write a book man-itll be a hit!!!


Jay said...

well i could do without such 'excitement'