Friday, January 2, 2009

Should i post it or not?

Let me start with a Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope the coming year is as good a year as the last one was, if not better ;)

Now i've got a bit of a dilemma, and I thought i'd get some advice. I had a conversation with someone online, and some of the things he said about homosexuality just blew my mind. Like a serious WTF moment. It was so out there that i saved a copy of the conversation. I was thinking about posting it to see what people think of these ideas. But one thing stopped me - I hadn't told him I would. Of course I would change his name, and only use some excerpts, but still, so I thought i'd make a poll. You know how these work, it's in a box in the top right corner.



jay said...

It all depends. Maybe convert the conversation in your own words. Word for Word conversations are things I generally stay clear of.

Although once I was chewed out by a guy when I posted just the details of our convo online once.

Anonymous said...

I'd let the person know, judge their reaction and then decide to post it or not.

I know I'd be a bit pissed if you posted some of the things we've chatted about privately without checking first.

Like the other Jay said you could always make up your own poll about the concerns you might have from the conversation.

Yaakov said...

i said yes, but that's just because i'm interested in hearing what was discussed lol. if he doesn't want it posted, then i guess it shouldn't be :(
but at the very least i think it would be ok to talk generally about it.

Anonymous said...

feel free to send it to me if u dont want to post it :)
i could use some mind blowing

Jay said...

he asked me not to copy directly, so i'll have to put it in my own words and then post.

i will as soon as i can