Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've lived thru another one

So tonight was date night again. Oh how could i describe it. Fun. Boring. Alcoholic. People. Bar. Waste of time. The most exciting part of the date was trying to watch the cute guy making out with his girl at the bar without getting spotted. I'd love to do that again sometime, lol.

Until next time,


Bobby said...

Aww that doesn't sound like too much fun!! lol
I've finally read all of your posts and I can honestly say I understand you a lot more now. Hopefully that'll reduce the number of silly questions down to a minimum!! hehe

Jay said...

maybe i liked your silly questions ;)


David said...

Well, I guess it wasn't excruciating.

Jay said...

I've definitely had worse. alot worse!

CollegeHookerBoy said...

Ha, how mundane. I read your other posts - you make me smile.

Jay said...

I seem to make alot of ppl smile :)