Saturday, January 17, 2009

Part 3 :)

There is no better story than this for my 100th post! May there be 100 more :)

There is no other way I can describe it, but WOW :) It wasn't the same night, but it was a continuation of what happened in parts 1 & 2.

Let me start right at the beginning... It was a dark and cold night and I was at a bar celebrating a friends birthday party. It was supposed to be fun. Instead i'd had about 4 drinks, and i was bored. I'd been calling 'him' every now and then, also been drunk texting a guy i'd had some contact with in the past - yeah that didn't end well. Anyway I called 'him' for the umpteenth time and I told him i was bored. He said come on over. I'm not sure if he was serious or not. It'd take me forever to get there by subway at night. But i said sure! I said bye to the birthday boy and off i went.

Having made it to his stop in record time, I was left with 2 exits out of the subway. I didn't know my way to his place so I would need to call him once i got out. Straight or left... I turned left only to decide to turn around and use the other exit. It was a good thing I did because he had decided to meet me and used the other entrance. I remember his smile when he first saw me. We left the station headed towards his apartment. Of course we stopped along the way at some kind of park, it was dark and quiet, perfect place to enjoy ourselves a bit and talk. And kiss, lol. Of course it was so freaking cold that soon enough it was decided we should head to his place.

He said he wanted to show me something from his window, I couldn't really see what he was referring to but he did have me against the wall with nowhere to go, so maybe that's what he wanted to show me. Well i didn't want to run anywhere. The room was dark but the lights of the city lit up the room so I could see just enough of what I wanted. It was hot, up against the wall just him and me. There was lots of kissing and touching, and holding and grinding going on. Eventually clothes started coming off, piece by piece. Almost like it was a game of strip poker.

We eventually moved to his bed and continued the fun, lots of kissing and cuddling and massaging and removing of clothes. Him on top of me, me on top of him, lying side by side, kissing and hands roaming everywhere. It was wild and went on for hours till early in the morning. We even jerked each other off. It was really late, maybe around 4am when we finally fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning I had a choice to make. Either leave or stay for round 2. Well you know what i did ;) Round 2 was great, lots of kissing again, different positions, this time i jerked off onto him, and he onto me. There were many opportunities where i thought i probably should go. Of course i didn't, and stuck around for some more. And it was worth it!

Mmm, let me summarize it. Overall it was an amazing experience. I learnt some things too. Having a hard cock in your mouth is definitely an interesting experience if you're a first timer :)


Bobby said...

Damn boy! I'm so loving hearing about your escapades. Wish you had a camera crew with you at all times! lol

Anonymous said...

Becoming a regular ManSlut you are!

Jay said...

There is no way a camera crew is following me around, lol.

I guess i am becoming a manslut anon, and loving it :)

Dave in Oz said...

Following your adventures, Jay and wishing you luck and courage - after this post I'd say you have bucketloads of both........

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your new adventures and look forward to there being many more parts of the story. I hope that you and "him" gain a lot from these experiences.


Anonymous said...

let see Jay, the experience you described is obviously amazing. the passion and lust is only what to men that know and feel for one another can share. True you were both taking care of a need but damn you to seem to know how to do it well. Being able to be so close to someone you have grown to know so well is all that much more enticing. Stay strong 4 us all!