Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My weekend... Hell yeah it was great :)

Wow wow wow wow wow! What a weekend it was. I will start off right from the very beginning. I’d been chatting to a guy on facebook for a while now. He told me he’d be coming to visit NY in the summer. Ok I thought, maybe I’d meet up with him. I had a trip to Europe that I was thinking of taking in a couple of months, so maybe I’d meet him earlier. Even before that though, he was planning a trip to the US, but to Dallas, not to NY, so that wouldn’t work out. I helped him find a good deal on his airfare, and that was that. Or so I thought. One day I get a text from him to come online and chat. Apparently his travel agent had found him a good deal for flights and accommodation to NY and he wanted to know if he should take it. Regretfully I told him no, since I didn’t know If I’d be able to find time to spend a week with him, and he had friends in Dallas, so a free place to crash. So he booked his ticket, and I went to take a shower. Of course all my brainstorms usually come in the shower, lol. Why didn’t he fly to dallas, and do a stopover in NY on the way back? I checked online and found such a ticket for only $35 more than his original one. I told him to cancel it ASAP and book this new one, which he did :).

Fast forward to this past Saturday. He was arriving in the afternoon so as soon as the Sabbath was over, I packed my bag and went to his hotel in the city. I was probably going to stay a couple of nights. I took the subway and arrived at his hotel, got to his room and knocked on the door. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean I knew what he looked like, but what do I do when I walk in? Well that was decided for me, I really needed to take off some layers, but once I got comfortable I got a hug, and a kiss. Then we started making out on the bed. Lots of kissing and touching and biting, well nibbling. We did that for a while until we decided to head out for food. Urban pita it was. Close, kosher (supposedly, lol), food was alright and from there we took a cab to the G Lounge. Now that’s a great spot. Good looking bartenders (Jacob is hot!), just a regular gay hangout. I was surprised it felt so normal to be in there. It was cold out so I had been out with a beanie on but once I was in, the kippah came on instead. And it didn’t feel weird. It was just a bar, with a bunch of gay people drinking. I had a few smiles, a few admirers, it actually felt really good.

One young African American boy took a liking to me. He started off with commenting that he liked my boots, he wanted to buy me a drink too, but I guess he got the picture that I was out with my friend by the stuff we were doing on the sofas, lol, so eventually he left. Now what stuff were we doing on the sofas you may ask? Holding hands, touching, kissing, ice cubes and cherries were also involved. Now there was another guy, he probably deserves his own paragraph, lol. I was walking to the bar and a guy was passing by me and he said hi. And I stop and look at him for a second. Do I know this guy? He looked like he may have been jewish. Trimmed beard, tall, handsome. I didn’t think I knew him but I said hi, and continued to the bar. I came back with my drinks and told my friend what had happened. Then I saw him again, he was hanging out with a bunch of friends. I caught him looking at me a few times, and there were times where he caught me staring at him. Of course I smiled and looked away. He did a little dance for me, and made me laugh. Only problem was that I was too shy to go up to him, even with a few drinks under my belt. And with what I’d been doing with my friend, he probably thought we were together or something and didn’t approach me. I decided I should go up to him, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to. I headed to the men’s room, all the way at the back of the bar, and I saw a line, so I figured that was it. And I saw him waiting too, ahead of me. Well when he’s done he’ll walk past me and say hi. Right? Then I realized this was the line for the coat check. Stupidly I left and went to do my thing figuring I’d see him when I’m done. Well he wasn’t there. I went back to my friend and told him what had happened. He’d this guy from a distance just before he saw me, so he was still there. I stood up and peered over the crowd, but couldn’t find him. I decided that we should go, but not before I looked for him again. Not having found him we walked out and cabbed back to the hotel.

(I know some of you don’t like it too graphic so I hope I don’t go too far this isn’t really a sex story, lol) We got in and continued where we had left off lots of making out, clothes coming off, lots of kissing, caressing, sucking (he had a nice cock :) ). Eventually he brought out his supplies. Condoms and lube, and went to the bathroom to prepare himself. He came out, put a condom on me and lubed me up. I started on the bottom with him on top and eventually we moved to him on his back, legs in the air. What can I say, it was tiring work, and in that position I got some kind of carpet burn on my knees, but it was all fun. I came inside him in this position, after which we just held each other for a while. That was it, I’d just lost my virginity and I didn’t really feel any different. That was the weird thing. It felt so normal to do, so it was just another thing that I had done. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great, just there wasn’t any enlightening moment where I thought oh my god, this is what it's all about. It was just sex. And I wanted more. But it was late, maybe around 4am and we were both tired, so we both fell asleep, naked.

I woke up around 11am, and him not long after. It was time for round 2. This time I wanted to try it with him on all fours, and he was glad to oblige. From there we moved on to him on his side. After we did it we showered – separately ;) . It was then that I got thinking about this guy from the G Lounge. I wanted to track him down. My friend suggested I go back there next Saturday night. But I didn’t know if I would, I’d have no-one to go with, and besides who knew if I’d be able to then. So I thought of craigslist. There’s a missed connections section so I thought I’d post there. I wrote up a post, describing him, describing myself, edited by my friend and then I posted it. Or so I thought, but more on that later.

We had a fun day, first out to eat, then walking through the frigid streets of Manhattan and we decided to see a movie. 7 pounds with Will Smith. It was a good movie, sad though. From there we headed to Therapy, another gay bar. It was early, so there wasn’t much of a crowd, but it was nice nevertheless. Drinks, well one drink, lots of nibbles, lots of gay mags like Guide and HX, saw a map of Gay NYC and decided on our next move. While there we saw 2 middle ages couples come in. We thought they were totally lost, randomly walking into a gay bar. Turns out they knew exactly where they were. At least some were gay, if not all. It was in Therapy that I started thinking about my ad on craigslist. I should’ve described him as handsome, not cute. But more importantly, I forgot how craigslist works. Once you create the post they email it to you and you have to click on the link in the email to confirm the post. Only I hadn’t, meaning the thing had been sitting in my email, rather than on craigslist for a good half a day. Think about how many replies I could’ve received in that time (yeah I know I’m exaggerating but I really wanted to meet this guy somehow). So I checked my email on my phone, and posted it then. Well I’m sure therapy would’ve been good, had it not been so early on a Sunday night.

After our drink we moved on to get something to eat, as well as finding a nearby place to go to afterwards for drinks. The HK lounge was in the area so after eating, off we went. This was another cool place, drinking, loud music, hot bartender, lol. The only thing was this guy from the G lounge. I probably obsessed over him too much. I was frustrated how it had worked out, thinking I’d probably never see him again. But my friend was too nice to say anything about it. I was out with him, and shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing, but too late now.

Anyway it was late so after a couple of drinks, we headed back to his hotel to get some rest. We lay in bed watching some TV, and just relaxing. I had an early morning so only got a few hours of sleep, but it was so worth it! There was only 1 thing I didn’t enjoy to the whole weekend, both nights were disturbed by phone calls from people about me dating girls. Now that’s not something I enjoy normally, but even less so when I’m about to go into or am in a gay bar with lots of hot guys around. Oh well, what a great weekend it was overall, and I can’t wait for my next experience :)

until next time,


Anonymous said...

Nice work .. What a time you're having! Hope you catch up with your missing buddy.

Bobby said...

Sounds like you had fun handsome!!! ;) Till next time

Anonymous said...

Living in brooklyn, I see a lot of Jews walking around with their families, and I wonder 'are any of them gay? how does that work for them?'

anyway, i too lost my gay virginity not too long ago, and it wasn't a moment of open revelation, but it was awfully nice to have the pressure off my shoulders.

See you out at the gay bars... you'll get cruising in no time! = )

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you!!! It doesn't always shake your whole world, but it's an important step and certainly is great that you experienced it with someone you seem to get along well with. I am very happy for you and I hope you continue having fun and exploring the real you.


DM said...

What about the African American boy? Compliments? Free drinks? Growl! lol :)

David said...

For me, the first time was less "revelation" and more "relief." I was now an initiate into this thing that everyone was always talking about and that I'd had no connection to.

Maybe things have changed at G (or your just young and cute) but I've never felt comfortable there. So kudos for you for being so relaxed.

Oh, and congrats. ;-)

Jay said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I don't think i'm going to find my missed connection, but i guess I've learnt my lesson. As for african american boy, I wasn't really into him, and I think he got the hint. As for the G lounge, i think i'm gonna head back there soon :)


Gooster said...

YAY for you!

Jay said...

thank gooster :) i luv your blog