Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My day today :)

Where do I even begin? I'm sure my day was pretty tame by gay standards. But for mine it was awesome. Some of you will probably say i should lift my standards after reading, but i think they're fine just where they are.

I have a friend i met on fb. He's not American, but planned on being in the US at the same time as me, so i knew i wanted to meet him. I really really wanted to meet him. We'd been chatting online for months, maybe even a year or more. Anyway he had visited a number of cities on both coasts, but hadn't made it to NY yet. He had something going on back home so he'd have to fly home to sort that out. It was going to be even longer till i get to meet him. Then one night I get a message from him. He'd scheduled a stopover in NY on the way back home to meet me. Just for the day, well even less than a day. He'd arrive on a red eye in the morning, and have to head back to the airport in the afternoon. It wasn't going to be so long, but it was better than not seeing him at all.

It was only a couple days away and the excitement was getting to me. The night before i woke up a few times, and checked my cellphone for the time, to see if it was time to get up yet. I slept about 5 hours that night, but who cares. I was gonna finally meet him :)

I took the train in to the city, and met him at a starbucks. Of course ;) Had coffee and talked alot. About his past, his future, and everything in between. We then decided to hit the stores, he was looking for something from a particular store so we walked up 5th Avenue, checking out stores. Of course me checking him out too. I was wondering if maybe i could join him in the fitting room at one place, but i thought better of it. Probably cameras in there for security or something. Oh well, we didn't find what he was looking for so we moved on.

The more we talked the more comfortable i got with him. Well not comfortable, i was comfortable, but more comfortable telling him things i'd normally be embarrassed about. Like how hot i thought he was, how great he'd look out of a pair of jeans (he'd sent me a pic of him in them). All the regular flirty talk that seems normal online, is harder to get out when i'm standing right next to him.

He was hungry, so we stopped in McDonalds. I wasn't going to eat, so i let him pick the place. (I'm not sure how many orthodox jews read this blog, but i was wondering whats technically a worse sin - eating non kosher, or not keeping the sabbath? The latter i seem to do pretty easily, yet i can't fathom eating something from McDs).

It was great :) I got to sit there and stare into his beautiful eyes and look at his beautiful smile the whole time we were there, and we were there for quite a while. Even after he finished eating, we just sat there and talked and talked and talked. I was feeling a bit frisky, and had a hard on, lol. I at first 'accidentally' brushed my hand against his knee. I did it a few times actually. But i wanted more. I told him to move forward in his seat. He leaned forward, and i was thinking of kissing him. God i wanted to. But i stopped myself. I told him not to lean forward, but scoot forward, which he did. I could then grab hold of his knew, which i did. I played with him a bit, we held hands under the table, it was hot.

I told him i'd head into the restrooms when it was empty and i wanted him to follow me. I didn't know how much time we'd have until someone walked in, and it certainly wasn't the kind of place we'd get up to much mischief, but at the very least I could kiss him, and i was absolutely dying to kiss him.

It looked empty so I wanted to do it, then and there, but he got a call from overseas, and by the time he'd finished, it was full and people were waiting to go in. I'd missed my opportunity. Maybe i could find another.

We continued out tour of manhattan. Stopping in some stores, looking at souvenirs. It was really so much fun just hanging out with him. Then he had to head back to the airport for his flight. I needed to get on the subway too so i went with him and eventually decided i'd go with him all the way to JFK. We took the A train to Howard Beach. There were a few opportunities where i thought right now would be the perfect time to kiss. We were at one end of the carriage, the train had emptied somewhat, and the people across us has nodded off. Of course these 2 african american women were staring straight at us. I just couldn't. Then we had to change trains. Being in the first carriage, we got off at the transfer station away from everyone else. There was a small secluded area and i thought here was my chance. Until another couple decided to join us there to wait for the next train. Damn it! Every time :(

Back on the train, and off at Howard Beach. The place was packed with people going to and coming from JFK. It wasn't looking that good. I said goodbye and gave him a hug. While i had him in my arms i kissed him on the cheek. Mmm, prickly, lol. He hadn't shaven that morning. As i let go I saw a jewish man with a kippa on come through the turnstile. It was then i was glad i had decided this wasn't the place for a full on kiss.

I guess it will wait till next time. And he's promised me there will be when he gets back. He'd make NY a proper stopover so we could spend more time together, and have some privacy, and do all the things we want to do with each other. I'll leave that up to your imagination ;)

good night from the big apple,


Yaakov said...

this story is sooo sweet! i love how u couldnt sleep the night before.
i can't wait till u guys meet up again!

j said...

you're so cute

but making out in a bathroom is much grosser than anything mcdonalds sells.

Jay said...


j: haha, we weren't gonna be making out in there, but for him it would've been worth it, just for that 1 kiss

steve said...

Riveting post Jay! Glad to see you are keeping busy. I was kept in suspense from your sleepless night to you final peck on the cheek. As an orthodox guy I will say that I too have Shabbos issues but also cannot see myself eating treif let alone sitting in a MickeyDees. And the shopping sounds class.

Go get drunk tonight!
Happy New Year's to all -