Friday, November 21, 2008

Reactions to 'sorry'

Was my 'sorry' post so confusing? Maybe if you read it in the context of my other posts it made sense, but on it's own it didn't. Because i've been getting some different reactions to it. Some people get what i'm trying to say, and some people are way off. Things like 'i thought you were gay already' or 'congrats on coming out'. I'm not coming out, well not to people in my real life just yet. My point was to kinda come clean to my fb friends. They weren't my friends, they were friends of some guy named Jay Murray who i made up. The profile pic was also one i found on google, it's not me. I didn't want to use a celeb pic because i wanted it to look more real. Thats what i was sorry for. I wasn't sorry i was gay. I wasn't sorry that i was coming out. I was sorry for the whole lie that is Jay Murray's fb profile. I was sorry for the deceit. I was sorry for abusing the trust that people had in me. Yes i had my reasons for doing it, wanting to make gay friends, but being closeted and coming from a religious family with all the issues that would arise with that. But it still didn't make it right. Thats what i'm sorry for.



Anonymous said...

I understood what you were saying, and though that dosen't make your actions right, I empathize with you motives.

Yaakov said...

i think ur newest explanation should help more of ur fb friends understand what's going on. and it seems that at least a good amount of them are nice ppl who will stick around and remain friends with u. and that makes me very happy :)

Jay said...

I wonder what i would do if i was put in the same situation...

Anonymous said... shouldn't be 'sorry', because it takes two 'H' and an 'Oh'...,because the earth revolves in exactly 24 hrs around it's axis...,bacause after a night-comes a day...apparently -it's how supposed 2b.
Rise above nd take a look down :)
it's 'simple'

Anonymous said...


How about merchandising the concept, Jan Murray dance schools?

Sign up for a jcc membership on facebook with jay. refreshments will be served.

monthly meetings at the j? you'll be popular. just avoid the guys with hiv.

Jay said...