Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well i've got the travel bug. I've just settled in back at home and am planning my next trip. Looks like it will be NYC and will be soon. Could be as early as in the next week or two, so i'm very excited :)

But of course this means i'm extremely busy. Got so many things to do, not much time for blogging i'm afraid. Writing or reading. I'm also a bit lost for things to write about. Facebook is on a bit of a slowdown for me. Maybe i'm just not so into it any more, maybe i realised i should meet people in real life and stop this whole online crap.



steven said...
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steven said...

well jay i can say 1 thing for sure - the FB slowdown may be a bummer, but now that u r NY bound I'm sure there are a couple of us that can't wait to meet u here in teh big apple. c u soon!

Kelly said...

Just dropping in and saying Happy Turkey Day!!! Hope all is well!

Jay said...

Yep, can't wait :) !!.

happy thanksgiving all!