Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I got busted. It has taken a while but it happened. One of the guys I've been chatting to found my blog. And he wasn't impressed to say the least. Actually he was pretty pissed off. I guess that isn't the best way for anyone to find out, but it is what it is. Thinking about it, most of what i said to him was true, and i have to wonder how i'd react if it happened to me. On one hand i don't blame him for being mad at me. On the other hand, give me a freaking break. Oh well, I've now got one less friend to worry about.

Oh and EL, i don't think you'll actually read this but that was harsh! I don't think i'll be trying that again :( .



steve said...

how did he find this blog. u dont mention it anywhere [purposely] and what was he most ticked off about besides the fact that u r not in the area ur profile on FB states...

Jay said...

Not sure, maybe he googled me, or my email address. What he was mad about was that he'd been honest and sincere, and i'd 'been lying to him the whole time'. He knows where i'm from and knows more about me than alot of ppl.