Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and yep, FB

Don't you just love Halloween? Drinking, partying, flirting with hot guys. But forget the candy, i'm talking about eye candy! It's not beach weather anymore, so where else do u get to see hot guys dressed up, looking all hot with only a minimal amount of clothing on? Seriously, some of them are just too hot ! Of course all the pics go up on facebook too, so if you weren't at the party, who cares? You can still perve to your hearts content :)

Now what do i use facebook for? I use it release sexual tension, lol. I'm extremely flirty, i post very suggestive status updates, i love cyberchatting with a bunch hot guys around the world, and getting off on it. I love perving at all the hot pics my 'friends' put up. But how far is going too far? Where do you draw the line? Yeah i've been asked out on a date by guys on fb, but when a guy says 'i want to be with you', what do I say? When a guy says 'Virginia isn't that far away, i can be there tonight and i want you to break my virgin ass in', how do I even respond to that? When a guy says he's coming to NY soon or 'planning a trip to NY next year and wants to meet up', how do i get out of that? When after a bit of a chat a guy asks me to 'come over to his place tonight, and if not tonight another night soon', how do i come up with another excuse as to why i can't?

I guess there isn't really much choice. I can stop what I'm doing, but i won't. I could come clean to them and i may, but only to the odd one here and there. The only other option is to just not respond to their advances. Any tips?

And lastly, all those who can, go out and vote. Obama, McCain who cares who wins! As long as SNL has Tina Fey continue with her Sarah Palin. She's absolutely hilarious! Oh, and no on prop 8. Had to get that in there :)

BTW, thanks guys for the comments. Keep them coming, and if anyone has any questions or things you want me to blog about, just let me know.

Have a great day :)


Yaakov said...

u really r in a tough spot. with the life that u have, it's understandable to do what u do on fb. and i guess what u do with ur fb friends isn't so bad - ur just flirting, so it's not a big deal that they don't know who u r. and i feel ur frustration - they keep asking to meet u and u can't!
btw - im amazed that theyre so into u when all u give them is ur profile pic. u must really know how to talk to these guys :)

dpaste said...

If you enjoy flirting with guys on fb I don't see anything wrong with it. Caveat emptor. The internet is full of people with false identities. You don't owe these guys anything so if they press for a meeting, feel free to end the correspondence. It won't be the first time or last time this happens to them.

Jay said...

Oh there's definitely nothing wrong with it. I enjoy it, and with the phone numbers i've gotten from people, and people wanting to jump into bed with me well i must be doing something right. But only a couple know my real identity.

I don't owe them anything, but sometimes i wish i could take them up on their offer.

steve said...

well ur profile looks as fake as mine. so all i can say is u rock! as for the guys tell them ur abroad and may be back in a month or so and take it by air. Dont quite. So cybersex hmm i didnt know u were into that. feel free to initiate...

Jay said...

eventually i do tell them i'm away... and save their number in my cellphone ;)