Sunday, June 22, 2008

What do i do?!

Why the hell am I so indecisive? I don't know what to do about moving. To move out permanently I need cash, and i'm studying full time, so no job yet. I'd hate to eat away at my savings...

I'm a member of a few 'dating/meeting' sites. No I've never hooked up with anyone, but they're all there. Manline, manhunt,, jdate. I think i may have even joined up to gaydar! But what do i do on these sites? Look at profiles, chat, dream about actually meeting someone. But of course I never go through with it. Out of all the sites, i think i like manhunt the best. People looking for sex!

It's weird in that i know i'm not going to meet up with anyone but i enjoy checking out the profiles and just random chats with random people. Yeah, they're there for sex. But i've met some really nice guys on there. People I would have expected to meet at rather than manhunt. My profile says i'm a virgin, and i wonder what that effect that has on people who message me. Lots of people i've spoken to have essentially told me they're not only looking for a fuck. They want to make friends. go out for a drink, coffee, whatever.

I'm rambling and don't know where i'm going with this. I guess has manhunt turned into a dating site as much as it is site where you can find someone in your neighbourhood looking to get laid?

I've had a total of 1 person tell me i should not be looking for my first fuck on manhunt. And he's right! But once the first is taken care of, nothing is stopping me ;)

Hope your having a great weekend,

PS. My profile name on manhunt is jayles


Yaakov said...

i know you're not actually meeting anybody yet from those websites. but maybe it would be easier to make that step at some point if you had similarities with the other person. like, do you care if he's jewish or not? what i mean is if the other guy also has issues with coming out, maybe you could support each other, maybe you could meet only on a first name basis. maybe it could work at some point in the future if you both feel like you can trust each other enough. maybe in that situation you could both feel safe knowing that if A reveals B to someone else, then A will also be revealing himself at the same time. does that make sense to you?

Jay said...

Hey yaakov,
did i say i'm not meeting anyone from these sites? lol

Really the only person i've ever met was from facebook, the first guy i came out to, the first guy i ever kissed. My first gay friend :)

Are you referring to meeting people in general or for dating/sex? I don't care if he's jewish or not, even though if he was he might have gone through exactly the same things that i am going through.


Yaakov said...

yeah, i mean that whatever your goal is in meeting someone, be it friendship, dating, sex, etc., it might be easier to actually take that step and go out and meet someone if both you and the other guy are having issues with coming out.

Anonymous said...

is that really your pic on manhunt?

Jay said...

Yaakov: yes it might be easier if the person i met was going through the same things as i was, but i don't think i'm going to find a person like that on these sites. No-one has a profile that says "not quite out, having issues with it" lol.

And curious no that is not my real pic. Please tell me you don't know who it is ;)