Thursday, June 5, 2008

NYH part 2

It all started when i added NYH's details to my gmail account. I didnt' know what would become of it, but i sent him a chat invite too. I was online and about to log off, when he messages me. Just regular chit chat, but who wanted to know who this other guy was that had been poking and messaging him. I was going to tell him, until he said something like 'i don't know him, i havent met him, nor do i want to'. I felt like i'd been hit by a ton of bricks. 'He keeps pestering me.... and i was non responsive'. I didn't know what to say. I had HGF in another window telling me to just tell him. But i couldn't, not after all that. He didn't want to know me. I guess its understandable, i was just some random guy, but after the run i had i thought i would be different.

But in the end i just came out with it.

me: lol,
maybe he's nervous
do u rememeber our previous conversations?
nyh: yeah. i think so
me: remember how i wouldn't meet u at the _____?
nyh: yeah
me: and i think i told u i had a secret?
nyh: right.
me: ummm I told u i wasnt jay
nyh: yeah yeah
me: but i didn't tell u who i was
nyh: nope
me: well i just did
nyh: ha! busted!

Well i didn't end feeling like i was falling off a cliff. He didn't sound mad, or upset. He asked me a few questions, and we ended it there. I sent him a couple emails since then and havent heard back. All i was looking for was a friend, but I guess that's enough of a sign.


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