Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Developments... and why i love my blog

Let's see what's news on the home front. I have revealed more info to NYH, but haven't heard from him in over 2 days. I was preparing myself for something good, a great friendship, but it looks like i've been stood up, well he doesn't look like he wants to know me. I guess things were going well everywhere that i just figured it would continue like that. I don't know whether to message him again, or just leave him be.

I was chatting with someone online the other day, and he asked if i lived anywhere near a particular city. I thought he was trying to find out more about me, so i asked him why he asked. He said he'd been in touch with a therapist that lives there and if i wanted he could set up an appointment with her. She is pro gay and religious. WTF?! Maybe i'm taking this the wrong way, but i thought that was so patronizing and really got defensive. I'm sure he meant well and thought i might want to chat to someone, but gimme a break! Does anyone else go up to gay people and offer them therapists? Anyone need a proctologist? I'm sure i could recommend someone.

Right now there are issues going on in my life and at home, besides being gay. I kind of depend on you, my readers. So my blog is my main outlet, and thats why i love it!


Anonymous said...

My mother booked me in for testerone therapy (what ever that is) a year or so after I came out. She was surprised I took offence and didn't go, she thought it was a good cure. Clearly I had an illness.

Don't take NYH's lack of response personally, you know what New Yorkers are like ... Did I say that?

Jay said...

I'm not taking it personally, it's just that we had this whole chat/flirting thing going on. He wanted to meet up and i told him i couldn't. I told him i had some secrets, and he was quite open about and said that whenever i was ready to share, i should let him know.