Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The latest!

Well for starters just want to let you know that the tests i had done last week came back clear :)

In other news I'm in touch with #4 and he's cool with the whole thing.. I think. So i guess i'm back on track. I've already picked out a #5. While i haven't told him who i am, I told him i'm not Jay so I guess he's only a #4.5 right now. He's been very understanding, so I guess NYH (who isn't NYH anymore, rather #3) was the only bump in the road.

In other words, i've been thinking of moving out of home. Everytime i decide to make the move I change my mind the next day but i think i'm actually going to do it this time. It may be just to a temporary place to start with but i have to get out of here. The people I live with are making me sick, i need to get away. I think i also may head somewhere for a vacation, just to relax and take my mind off everything.


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