Monday, July 27, 2009

What a [crazy] night!

Well as it happens, strangely enough I hadn't been out much this week. Well at least with my gay friends. I had thought about going to the Phoenix on Wednesday but that didn't pan out. The weather on Thursday was pretty bad, raining most of the day, well drizzle anyway. But when you get a text that says 'splash at 10.30?' what are you gonna do but say 'hell yeah' . Shower, change and time to head out.

I got in and there they were. Hanging out near the entrance with drinks chatting away. Um this is Splash is it not? A few guys left early (working boys I guess) while the rest of us ended up on the dancefloor. It was a real fun night, at one point some girls started dancing with a couple of us, and kind of got in between us, after which one of them asked if she'd just cockblocked me, lmao! No, we were just friends. There were a couple others (guys) who wanted to dance, but I just wasn't interested, even having to remove my hand from the grasp of one of them. There were a couple cute guys I noticed, but I wasn't exactly on the prowl. I came to enjoy myself, and if something happens, then it happens, lol.

I did notice one guy, i thought he was kinda hot. His name was Marco, and he was visiting from Milan. Anyway he was older than me, not quite sure how much older. But that's sort of my type, someone who looks like a man, as opposed to someone who looks like he just became legal. Facial hair trimmed short, T-shirt off, perfect. After a while looking at each other and it seemed like he was dancing with another guy, he came over to me and we started dancing. He got really close, close enough to touch, I did.

We danced alot, got very sweaty, got really up close and personal. And then we kissed. And kiss we did. I guess I really love kissing :) Every time he walked away for a drink or to check on a friend or something I couldn't wait for him to get back. We were there for a good few hours and we were all over the place. Too bad there's not so many places to hide. It got really hot and heavy at times, he had me up against a column near the bar here, another place there, upstairs, downstairs, against one of the booths at the back. One thing I know for sure is that I need to read up on indecent exposure laws in NY, lmao! I must've gotten quite carried away at times.

We went out and the question was what to do. I couldn't bring anyone back to my place and he was visiting and couldn't go back to where he was staying. I thought that might be it then, but he suggested going to a men's sauna. And for some reason I said yes. He googled it on his iphone, found one and off we went. Now i'd read about these places but still wasn't sure what to expect.

I'm sure the fact that I went will bring different responses. Some will probably think WTF why on earth would you go somewhere like that? Others will probably think great you got to experience another side of gay 'culture'. I really had to think about whether I was going to write about this or not, i'd thought it might be time for my blog to get a bit less explicit about what I do. I mean, i'm not as anonymous as I used to be. Plenty of my friends know who Jay Murray is and read all about my life. Including someone who knows who I am, lives in the place where I'm from and won't tell me who he is. Not that I think he'll go around telling people about this, but who the hell knows.

Anyway so back to the point, I didn't do anything crazy there even though he was into more than 1 guy at once, we settled on a bit of a compromise. I played safe and when I was done and poppers were brought out, I left. Waste of money I can tell you. Lesson for next time, hook up with a guy who has somewhere to go to!


Anonymous said...

you should have got a room at the waldorf astoria!

Jay said...

your treat? ;)

Anonymous said...

You made the right decision. You are obviously turned on by romance and sex is just lust unrequited. The baths are dangerous, as are the people who frequent them regularly.

The guys who know you would rather sleep with you than give you trouble. But, which community do you find more welcoming, where you live or the bar scene?

Jay said...

Haha which guys who know me? As to which is more welcoming, neither. I go out to enjoy myself, it's a bit of an escape.


Anonymous said...

A man of different communities, who knows too much, loving life.

You'll find what you are looking for eventually.

Which guys?


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with experiencing something new? You made the right choice in the end and no harm was done, and you had a bit of fun. Now you know it's not for you, and that's the best part of the experience. Good for you! Keep learning and being safe and being true to what you want and need.


Godfrey said...

that's a pretty wild story. interested to hear what the bathhouse was like. certainly not somewhere i imagine myself every going. do you think you'd go back again? it'd be cool to chat with you sometime jay. my email is on my blog. :)

Jay said...

godfrey just emailed you. As for going back, i don't think i would, just not really my scene at all.