Monday, July 20, 2009

More fun crazy times

I know it has taken forever for me to post this, and it's usually best when it's fresh in my memory. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, so I hope I don't forget any details :). And i'm even breaking this post into 2 parts just so I can get something posted while I work on the next part. And this was a good couple of weeks ago.

I spent most of Monday indoors, I was busy with plenty of things to do but as evening came I needed to get out. Checking fb I found a friend who also wanted to head out. We'd met about a month before but never connected, so it was perfect timing. We met at the subway and headed into the city. First stop Splash - Musical Mondays. It definitely was different to my first time there with Mr Splash. Well it wasn't different, but it felt different. I knew what to expect, and while we didn't get into the crowd singing along with everyone we did have a nice time, chatting about life (and drinking of course!). Time to move on, G lounge was pretty dead so onto the Gymbar for more of the same :) Another drink and the odd cigarette later we heard from some boys that were in Vlada, so off to join them for another drink of course! We then moved to Posh, a place I hadn't been to before. It seemed fairly tame once we arrived with people mainly hanging around the bar, but once we hit the dancefloor, the party took off! It was a really fun night, with us boys eventually calling it a night and heading home. Funnily enough I arrived home at 4.20am.

On Wednesday I met up with Mr Splash for lunch. We met in union square and went to a cafe nearby. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. We had a nice lunch and then went walking around the city, window shopping a bit, checking out Chelsea and what it has to offer during the daytime. We ended up deciding to check out the Highline, which for those who don't know is an unused elevated railway line that has been turned into a public space, with gardens, and plants, and lounge chairs on the railway tracks. It looks like it'd be enjoyable to spend some time up there one day. We came down at Gansevoort St and stumbled onto the set of Law & Order: SVU, with a bunch of photographers taking pics of Chritopher Meloni in a sleeveless shirt (yeah he looked hot :) . We made our way back to Union Square where we parted ways.

Thursday was gonna be fun. I had planned on meeting up with PhD for a while, we had done coffee before, and we met at CBST a few weeks back but this time we were actually going to hang out for a bit. We had planned to meet at the Pier on Christopher St, of course nothing ever goes to plan, and he had to stay at work longer than he thought so we just planned on meeting at Union Square. While waiting for him I walked around checking out some stores. Found a shirt at H&M that I liked, but maybe it was too gay to wear it in the very Jewish neighborhood that i live in, so I didn't purchase it. Also in Union Square was live music, which happens every Thursday throughout the summer. Eventually I spotted him through the crowd and we decided on a shawarma place nearby. It was a beautiful day so we headed back to Union Square to eat. I don't remember how long we were there but it was really fun. He's a really nice guy, funny, smart, we had a really nice time. Well I did anyway. We went walking around, checking out some stores a bit before we headed to the UWS for the JQY meeting. We arrived early so went walking on the UWS until it was time to head to the JCC. And I was already starting to regret not buying that shirt.

There was a large turnout at the meeting, larger than normal. The topic of the month was being gay and jewish. There's quite a few new members so it was definitely time for a fresh perspective. It was moderated by a new member too. After the meeting we all headed to the Candlebar which has become the usual hangout after meetings. After a while PhD left but a bunch of us stayed till late. Real late. We started walking and ended up at Posh, which was followed by the Ritz which was quite dead. So we called it a night and went home. 3 of us heading to Brooklyn had a crazy fun time on the subway, these guys are hilarious :) And for the second time that week I got home at 4.20am. Must be an auspicious time.

The next day the weather was beautiful, perfect for getting some sun at the beach with a friend. I had planned a weekend in the city again. I was invited out for friday night with some of the gays, so I asked PhD if i could crash at his place. All was set for my weekend away. On the way to his place I stopped at H&M. Only the shirt in my size was gone :( . So off I went to his place, dropped off my stuff and went to the UWS. The meal was really nice, it was also good to get to know some guys I hadn't really had much of a chance to. When the meal ended we all headed off. I wasn't interested in going out partying so went back home and my host was already back too.

The next morning we popped into a local (orthodox) synagogue for shabbat services. First time i'd done something like that in a while. Afterwards we went for a walk. It was a beautiful day outside so we went from Murray Hill, along the East River down to the Lower East Side. We then subwayed it back to midtown for some shopping. Of course I couldn't find the shirt there either. We parted ways as he headed back home and I was meeting some friends at Central park. It was already starting to get a bit cool and decided I'd stop at a few more stores to see if they had it. Eventually I found it, so off I headed to central park. A bunch of the guys were planning on seeing Bruno that night and had already bought tickets, so i went quickly on someone's iphone to get mine. It had only been open for a few days and it was gonna be a packed house. A few of us decided to go early to save seats for the rest of the stragglers (with a stop on the way where I got to meet a cute guy). Anyway the movie was totally in your face, over the top, vulgar and freaking hilarious. I loved it. Not so sure about the elderly couples and old women who went, lmao.

After the movie everyone was hungry, so we decided on a place for sushi in Chelsea. Some of the guys were going to a birthday party nearby so it was convenient. The only problem was that it was pouring. I hate walking in the rain, especially when i'm going out. Cute guy from before met up with us and brought an umbrella, the rest of us had to tough it out. First stop is a bar on 26th street. The guys weren't sure if it was the black door or the back door. It turned out to be a straight place and the black door. I didn't know the birthday boy at all but i was hanging out with the boys so I didn't care. Cute boy also seemed to be in the same situation, only he was more dressed for a night at a gay club than a night at a straight bar. A tank top with a scarf, he looked adorable :)

Anyway I decided to call it a night, and got soaked again on the way to the subway and then again back to PhD's place. Thats the end of that week And the next week is all ready to be typed so keep an eye out for it :)


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