Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots of stuff to write about...

First of all a couple weeks ago was a JQY meeting. It was about time I attended one of those as I'd missed quite a few due to work. Well 'work', lol. Of course I got there and missed practically the first half of the meeting due to phone calls from people who think they're supposed to mix in in my life (read family). The discussion topic was dating, not that I know much about that, lol.

After the meeting we went to the Candlebar to hang out as we usually do. There were also some guys there who didn't make it to the meeting. And i didn't go home alone that night . To protect the guilty, I will say it wasn't a JQY guy, nor was it a patron of the Candlebar. It was a fun night :)

But I'll move on to even better stuff. I met someone. Ok we haven't actually met, so far it's been an online thing mainly. He's a friend of a good friend of mine, And we have another friend in common too. I did the usual thing i do, friend request from my fake profile, start chatting, quickly told him who I was. Chatting more and more, texting and emailing. We get along great, we have similar interests, lots of things in common. We quickly became close friends. He called me last week, and we spoke to for over one and a half hours. He feels he's taken me under his wing :) The only issue right now is that he doesn't live in NYC. Obviously no-one is rushing into a relationship, but we've actually discussed things, such as the current state of my life, and we would both like to see where it could head. He's got a trip planned to New York later this year or I may visit him at some point. So I guess we're at a wait and see for now. But things are looking good :)

It was this guy who actually encouraged me to come out to one of my close friends. Well it was going to happen at some point anyway, but no point like the present, so I did. He took it really well, which i'm pleased about. I'm not quite sure if I was surprised. I'd recently been telling him things about me, things i'd been doing, yet conveniently leaving off the bit about i was doing things with guys, rather than girls. After I told him, it seemed like he was in a bit of shock or just didn't know how to respond. He said he needed to sleep on things... Well not long after I got a text from him which said something like 'I don't judge, be proud' which pretty much allayed all fears I had. He's actually very cool about things, and is an avid reader of my blog, lol. Next thing to come is my family. Not quite sure how soon that will happen though.

Another thing that happened was I met up with another another fb friend. He's a really nice guy, we've been chatting quite a bit recently. He's a cute jewish boy :) and he reads my blog, lol. We met up for coffee in manhattan and had a really nice chat about lots of different things. Life in general, gay life, jewish gay life. One funny thing did happen that I got a real laugh out of. He was talking about someone he knew, and I knew him too and told him that's who I stay by when i come to manhattan for the weekend. His response was "he's Mr Splash?!?" lol, it was really quite funny. Of course time flew by and he had to head off, but I hope to see more of him as long as i'm around NY.

Lastly there was a gay jewish film festival on at the JCC in Manhattan and a friend asked if i wanted to go with him, of course with my life I never know what i'm doing until the last minute but I managed to confirm that i'll be in attendance. There were a bunch of other people I knew (and some I didn't). The first film shown was pretty good, the second one not so good. Afterwards a bunch of us went out for pizza, and then ice cream. It was overall a fun night - with interspersed phone calls throughout the night from my parents about the latest girls they think would be good for me to date :( . They really know when to call me at the exact moment I have no interest in talking to them to discuss things I have no interest in discussing. But more on that in my next post.

Good night


Anonymous said...

referring to the last part of your post, i totally hear you. it's like whenever i'm in a good mood my family notices somehow(anti-gaydar) and does something to upset me

David said...

Hmmmm, I wonder who this person who doesn't live in the States might be?

Jay said...

David, i didn't say he didn't live in the states, but clearly you know who i'm talking about :)