Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last weekend :) (well it's taken me so long to write it's now 2 weekends ago)

I had stuff in mind to blog about, but I thought that can wait because I really wanted to post this first.

I was in the park on Sunday. Yeah it was a beautiful day, lots of hot shirtless guys! I got a text from a friend that there was going to be a going away party for another one of the boys that night in Chelsea. I hadn't seen them in ages so I thought why the hell not. Later that night I was getting ready to go, and then thinking if I should actually go? It's not like i'm good friends with this guy, but i decided it'll be fun.

My first stop when i got out of the subway was to head to an ATM. The fact that I was walking up 8th avenue though Chelsea was fun in itself, lol. I got to the ATM just before a bunch of cute guys so I stuck my card in to open the door. Nothing. I tried turning it around. Nothing. Upside down. Nothing. Crap this is embarrassing. Eventually I told them that I couldn't get it open so they could try. One guy tried and still couldn't get it to open, thank god it wasn't just me! Anyway another one tried and he succeeded. I withdrew some cash while making smalltalk and was leaving the atm when they asked me where I was from. I told them. Then they asked me if I was gay. I thought for a second, answered with a maybe, smiled and walked out. I was halfway across the street when I heard them call me back. We started chatting, they asked where I was heading to. They were off to Hiro so we headed in that direction. They seemed like really nice guys :)

We went into Hiro and it was quite empty and then I got a text saying the party had moved. So we all headed there instead. Walking down 9th avenue arm in arm with one of them was fun. We arrived, circled the place, i got a drink and eventually found the boys. Two of them headed back to Hiro while one stayed with me for a while, until he left too. I stayed with my friends till they all decided they needed to work or study the next day. So i went with one guy who still wanted to party to Hiro. There was a bit of a line to get in, it was funny hearing some Israeli girls behind me mentioning my kippa as I stood in line to get in. We got in and the place was pumping, really packed house. Gogo dancers, music, it was nuts, but in a good way. We went up to the bar on the upper level and got drink. We were hanging out, chatting about different things when someone grabbed my ass. I turned around and saw that it was one of the guys i'd met earlier. So now it was the four of us hanging out, then we met another jewish guy and some israeli friends of his, followed by the 3rd guy that i'd met earlier.

We ended up leaving - myself with 2 of the 3 and headed somewhere to eat. Well they ate, anyway, I just talked, lol. Then we made our way home.

Finally! this post is done and I can get onto this past weekend. Bigger, better, crazier :) But first I need sleep! good night.



Godfrey Off the Grid said...

nice post man. love that a random encounter at the ATM led to such a fun day for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Laughing at your kipa is that a chilul Hashem or a reflection of the glory of the sociological reality of Orthodox Jews coming to terms with gay culture and pride. Out and about, up your ass, in your face.

Jay said...

Wow someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. I wasn't laughing at it, it was just funny to hear them commenting on it. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

sorry. If I've bothered you, I apologize. It's just that I don't see how someone who knows better can play both sides. It shouldn't have to be all or nothing, but the jqy scene is off the derech.

Publicizing ambivalence, and preaching coming out, is equivalent to being chote u-machti because of the impact you have on others.

You are a gifted writer. Use your gifts wisely.

Jake said...

Sounds like an awesome night. How can I join?! Haha.

Jay said...

Thanks godfrey and Jake. Send me your details and you can join :)

And anon, you didn't bother me, you say I know better, maybe i do. Or maybe i don't care anymore. I am who I am and I do what I do. If the jqy scene is off the derech (not saying that it is) then so be it. I do what I want to do.

I write this blog for me. I don't preach coming out, but i think it may be the right thing for me. Choteh? fine. Machti? I don't think so. So as far as i'm concerned I am using this gift wisely.


Anonymous said...


i have to admit (as a non-jew) i went right on the kippah link...and was overwhelmed by the wiki-info:gee...the only time when males are relieved from the dutty of wearing kippah is during sleep and bathing...shoot me!!...but then it says that acording to the torrah:wearing it during prayer only should suffice...

speaking as a non-jewish guy i always found it sexy and exotic that kippah makes you guys...i dont know...somewhat different...more above (the rest of us...the christian guys). its a great custom, and trust me: its greatly respected by all non-jewish (christian guys)

so Jay keep having your kippah ALWAYS on your head, and just ignore what someone would comment on it :)


Jay said...

And i will take it off when i feel like it too.