Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday. The day i finally got my groove on

Last Thursday was the February JQY meeting. The topic of the month was the cybercloset, something I have so much to say on. Unfortunately something came up and I wasn't sure I was actually going to be able to make it. Well the thing didn't work out, meaning I could go. I was thrilled :) So I went. Some were new faces, and some were old, and I was already feeling comfortable around them which was good. It was a big turnout, after which we popped over to a bar across the road. It seems everyone got into their own groups again, just like last time. I guess it's just me. Oh well.

Anyway, I was at the bar getting my second drink when I was approached by 2 guys who had just walked in. Seeing all the jews there, one of them joked if the JCC was having a function there. Which was funny, cos it sort of was. I've used Mr X & Y so I'll call the one i liked Mr Z. Mr Z was in his 30s, trimmed beard (just the way i like it). His friend was also in his 30s and clean shaven. We were chatting about life, they had a lot of questions about the whole jewish gay thing, which i answered as best as I could. I assumed they were partners and we were just having a nice chat. Eventually I found out that they were just friends. Ok then, i wasn't letting this one get away like the one in the Glounge, lol. I had to be somewhere later that night, but i made sure I got his name and number.

Of course time passed by and I kept pushing off my departure, the JQY boys left and I was the only one of the group left. So we kept on drinking and I was totally flirting with him. Eventually another guy walked in and he was totally trying to chat up Mr Z's friend, which sort of allowed me to make some moves on Mr Z. I had my arm around him at times, at others we were holding hands and at others we were kissing. I was totally loving it. Of course i decided to cancel my plans to be somewhere that night, instead I wanted to hang out with my new friend. I sort of felt bad about ditching his friend, but he didn't mind, so I thought ok then. He didn't live too far so we walked to his place. On the way we chatted alot and it was really nice getting to know him.

We got to his place and he led me down to his lair, lol. I loved kissing him, the slight roughness of his beard was just hot! He had a somewhat hairy chest and a nice cock which tasted great. I won't go into too graphic detail, but i will say the sex was great :) And he enjoyed it too. I also learnt i'm quite a shooter ;) Afterwards he was hungry so we went out to a 24 hr diner where he got some food and we chatted some more until it was about 4.30am and i figured it was time to make my move.

Fast forward to Saturday I got a call from him asking if I was in the city. Well i planned to be, so maybe we could do something. It didn't work out in the end, but there's always a next time :)



Kelly said...

gotta love it when unexpected things happen...

Bobby said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Hope you get to meet again. Enjoy your trip handsome!

Jay said...

Oh definitely love unexpected things :)