Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life meet fantasy

I woke up and i was already late. Damn of all the days to be late, why today? I had stuff to do and had to be in union square at 11. I didn't think i was going to make it. I got dressed, then decided i didn't like the way i looked, so i changed. I wished it wasn't so cold, so i could wear the new jacket i bought. I messaged you saying i'd be a bit late, you had no problems with it, you were enjoying a book and the weather. I made my way to the subway, and all i could think about was what this was gonna be like. I knew it would change my life, but in how many ways? I was nervous, the next time i'm back in brooklyn i would've seen you already! i was so excited!

As i got off the subway at 14th St i got very nervous, it was only about 11.15 so i hadn't kept you waiting too long. I climbed the few steps to the park and looked around for you. There was this guy in the other corner of the park. He had earmuffs on and he was reading a book. Was that him? I thought it was. I didn't want to come towards you head on, so i decided to go around. I didn't know what i was going to do once i actually got to you, but i thought whatever happens, happens.

I made my way up to you. I was so excited i don't remember what happened next. We decided to go for a coffee, starbucks was just across the road. You ordered, i ordered. We sat down with our coffees and talked. We talked about life, and everything else. I just felt so comfortable, like i'd known you for years and you were my best friend. It was as if we were the only people there, and no-one around us.

We were thinking of what to do. You said i've got some good news and some bad news. I had no idea what was coming. The bad news is that Paul* came down with something and couldn't make it. The good news is that my hotel room is kind of lonely on my own. You smiled with a glint in your eye. You knew what i wanted, but i didn't want to rush into anything. Is it ok if we just hang out for a bit first? Sure!

We decided on the staten island ferry. I'd been on it before but i didn't really care what i was doing, as long as i got to spend some time with you. We had so much time to talk and enjoy the ride, it was something special. I was nervous, yet amazed how normal i felt. Once we got back to the city we thought it was the perfect time to have a late afternoon drink or 2. You had a magazine of places we could go to, i wasn't too comfortable heading to a gay place, so we found a couple of others. 1 was closed, the other who knows. We were walking up 9th avenue and not finding anything. So we hopped in a cab, and thought he may have some ideas. He asked if we wanted a straight place or a gay place. I froze, not knowing what you'd answer. Straight. Well he took us to the straightest bar in the city. Football was shown on huge screens, college guys and girls packed out the place. We had a beer but this certainly wasn't the place we were looking for, so we went for a walk. The next place we popped into had a more family restaurant feel to it, and i think my cocktail was virgin!

Anyway after there we jumped into another cab, and he took us to a street, and we walked in and saw some cozy couches. This was the place we wanted. We sat down and ordered. Drinks were flowing fast and heavy, i had trouble keeping my hands to my myself. At one point i touched you, wanting to feel your face, your skin, your stubbly beard. It was hot, having left there i knew what would be coming up, but i wanted to kiss you first. I needed to kiss you. And we did, right there on the street. It was electrifying. I wanted to touch you some more, but only got clearance to go up your shirt, it was good enough for me. Straight to your nipples, the ring in one of them felt so interesting, i enjoyed tweaking it.

We then stopped, and you led the way. We took the subway back to your hotel, i had to remind myself not to jump you on the train. You have no idea how hard i tried! We got to your hotel, and i was a good boy. I didn't try anything in the lobby, or the elevator or the hallway, but you knew i was getting restless. You fumbled with the key a few times and finally the door opened. I waited till we were in and the door closed before doing anything. Once in i took of my coat, threw it over a chair, and then turned around to look at you. I came close and began to kiss you like i'd never kissed anyone before (and i hadnt!). As i was kissing you i began undoing your shirt, one button at a time, slowly i saw more of your muscualr chest appear until your top was completely open and i managed to get it off your shoulders and on to the floor. It didn't feel right that i was still fully dressed. But i was nervous, i had been very reluctant to cam with you or send any nude pics of me. I was embarrassed in front of your body. You were muscular with the perfect body. I and i was this average guy, who looked like he needed to join a gym and fast. But you didn't mind. You made me comfortable. That was all i needed. Otherwise we wouldn't have ended up doing much.

We were both standing there, and we moved to the bed. You lay down, and i began to kiss you and touch your body all over. Your hot pecs, your nipples, your nipple ring. It was perfect. I tugged a bit on the ring with my tongue, u looked like u were in heaven. There was no way i was rushing through this as it was an experience of a lifetime. I took my time, touching and licking and kissing every inch of your body. Your smell was driving me wild, and i wondered how long i'd be able to hold out for. I made my way down along your treasure trail, but i was stopped by a pair of jeans and a belt. Oh well, these will have to come off too. which still kissing your body my hands worked fast, opening the belt, opening the buttons and pulling the jeans off. The only thing you had on was your underwear and they were sexy red trunks, the ones you'd shown me a pic of (but on a model, not on you), now i got to see them in real life. They looked so hot on you! I could see the outline of your cock, it was hard and huge and straining against the pants, wanting to get out. I knew what i had to do....

I'll leave it up to you to work out which part is life, and which part is fantasy ;)

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent


Anonymous said...

dude - why did you stop with the hot narrative?????

Anonymous said...

Yeah babe, why did you stop?

Jay said...

Maybe the rest hasn't happened yet... Or maybe i'll just leave it for another post!


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting, I mean I meet new people from Facebook on a regular basis – mainly for lunch on a work day just so I can escape if I need to - I’m kind of addicted to it and comfortable about it all.

This time was so different. What if it changed everything? What if I was a twat and you decided to end it there. What if we didn’t have anything to say or do? Even to the point of do I shake your hand or hug you. So many things. That’s how I remember the first few moments.

I’d actually forgotten about the cab ride and the Sports Bar (my very first Sports Bar lol).

But I haven’t forgotten about missing the Statue of Liberty (twice), the sofa, the chats, and the way we touched in the cold.

I silently reflect on that day on a regular basis, knowing… well knowing until today, now hoping we can do it all again, just perhaps somewhere warmer this time - it took me days to feel all my body parts again ;)