Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hits and misses

I noticed my hits are on the rise (and with unique visitors not the same person checking if i've updated all the time, lol) so how about some comments people? Just to say hi, let me know who you are, or what you'd like to hear or see more of.



Anonymous said...

I can’t tell you who I am, I also need to keep my identity private - the Internet is a safe place for that. But tell us more about you: Why do need to date girls? Why can you not come out and tell the people around you that you are gay? You don’t live in New York, or is that a double smoke screen? It’s seems a shame you hate being gay. So many questions, but I’ll hand it back to you. Regards, 21g

Jay said...

Hey anonymous,

I need to date girls because I need to keep up appearances that i'm straight. I'm getting to an age where in the religious jewish world, i should be married already. Most guys my age are married, and some already have a number of kids.

The fact is, in the jewish (and especially religious) world, homosexuality isn't accepted, you know that whole biblical crap about it being an abomination. If i were to come out, i would honestly expect my younger siblings having problems finding spouses because of it. Thats something i'd never be able to do to them.

About New York, it's kind of a smoke screen. I put in my profile that i live there because i didn't want to list my real city. I'm trying to keep this as anonymous as i can.

Tell me more about yourself, or if you'd rather, email me.


Anonymous said...

Hi! How are you? Welcome to blogland! Hope you have fun with it. Hope you make the blogging big time. Hope all is well.

Smile and be happy!

Jay said...

thanks patism!