Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cute college boy, but whats his name?

I've noticed a boy in some of my classes. And he's really cute! I think he might be gay. Not that he looks gay or anything, just very put together, fashionable, basically looks perfect. He could just be very metro, or Italian. Thats one thing i noticed when i was in Italy. Every guy (and girl) was dressed immaculately, not a hair out of place, everything matched, everything had a label. What can i say, they are a fashionable country. But i've seen the way he interacts with other people and he has these mannerisms that to me point towards him being gay.

But i don't even know his name :( And i'm not the stalker kind of guy, lol


Anonymous said...


First time I visited your blog mate and I love it.

Picking if a guy is gay or str8 - welcome to my eternal problem!!!

Good luck mate and I look forward to reading your blog in the future.


Jay said...

thanks Dave,
great to have another reader on board!


Anonymous said...

I know this post is from a while back, but in the future I would just move my seat closer to his then find some excuse to talk to him and see what happens. You can tell right away if people are interested in being friendly or not.

Jay said...

Well you answered your own q.