Thursday, March 27, 2008

My latest fuck

This is one thing you're not gonna read about here. I'm sure it'd bring in the crowds if thats what i wrote about but i don't kiss and tell ;) . Ok, who am i kidding. I need to get laid! This virgin wonders who his first will be, and when it will be. It's not exactly easy for me to just walk into a local gay bar, find a hot guy and head back to his place for some lovin'. Though i'd love to feel comfortable enough to be able to do that... one day. Until then, it's gonna be just me and my hand. And yes, that Pink song was written about me.



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Will said...

It's always difficult, but the first fuck WILL happen if you relax and let it, when the time and the man are both right. It can be a great and transforming and I hope it is for you.