Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are you on fakebook?

I'm on fakebook. No, not facebook, fakebook. I have a fake facebook profile. I know its against the T&Cs but thats life. I have hundred's of friends, who think they're chatting with and chatting up someone else. I have a few fake pics (found on google), and i'm loving it. Most of my friends tend to be hot guys with great bods (i wonder why, lol), we have hot chats and do everything else people do on facebook.

Yet its all fake. I'm very careful what i tell people because i'm scared. I have no info that could possibly reveal much about me or where i'm from or anything like that. I tell people some bits about me that is truthful, but i make sure to keep my real life (and my real facebook profile separate). It's hard to keep track of what i've told people as it all has to flow and make sense.

There are a few people who know that i'm not really who they think i am (if that even makes sense) and there is one person, that's right ONE person who knows who I really am. He knows alot about my life struggles and is learning more about me every day. Of course i met him thru my fake facebook profile, the usual friend of a friend. We got chatting, after a good few months worth i came out to him. It was one of the most difficult things i had to do, but i trusted him. I'm still not sure why, but i did. Part of me was waiting for my life to collapse around me, but nothing happened. In fact we've just gotten closer.

He has a partner, so nothing can or will happen between us (not that i'm looking for someone) but our friendship/relationship is evolving. Before i came out to him we used to write sex stories to each other, kind of like i'd write some, then he'd continue and so on. I loved reading about what he'd like to do to me if we had some time alone ;) But that was all fantasy. Once i told him who i was things got more serious. He began to learn more about me, and about my life, and about my struggles. Family, friends, dating, work, study, everything. Our chats turned into discussions on life, not sex chats.

I think though i can leave that for another post.

good night

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Anonymous said...

Babe, I have so much to say (yeah, yeah I know what you're thinking). But for now I just want to say nice work and I'm looking forward to reading more! You life is no less then amazing, yes tricky but still amazing! Plus I've always said you should write a book! lol.. mmm.