Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As the countdown begins, things just keep on getting better!

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? While i've really enjoyed my time in NYC, things recently have started to get better than good. They've gotten really incredible. I've got so many things happening, doing things that only a short time ago I thought i'd never do. The last 5 days began off good and only got better!

It began with PhD's birthday. He was having a couple events for it over the weekend and I was invited. Of course given it was a facebook invite and that we'd seemed to disconnect a couple months back I wondered if I should bother attending. Did he really want me to come? I wished him a happy birthday and of course he asked if I was coming. I basically got told that I was acting stupid for thinking he didn't want me to come or that I thought he didn't want to be friends. That was kind of nice, yet weird. I'd actually tried time and time again and it just felt like a rebuff every single time, I gave up and wrote it off. Kimchi :)

Thursday night was the JQY meeting. This month The topic was the upcoming high holidays. Not the most exciting topic yet very relevant. It was quite a large crowd with a large number of new faces. Of course right in the meeting with gays I get a phone call about a girl my mother wants to set me up with, FML! There was one person at the meeting who often has these crazy stories and has the entire room laughing. Such as his time walking around the old city of Jerusalem tripping on acid. It was hilarious! After the meeting we all headed off to Candlebar (well most of us did anyway) for some drinks and social interaction, lol. I thought this was going to be my second last meeting but it turns out there is no meeting next month so this gonna be it. I got a ride back home from someone who drove in that night.

Friday was turning out to be a boring old Friday in Brooklyn. I usually prefer to head out for the shabbat somewhere but recently i've had a few weekends 'in'. This was looking to be one of those until about 20 mins before shabbat began. I was on facebook and i got a message from PhD. Do I want to come for shabbat dinner? I'd love to. The only problems was that He was in Manhattan and I in Brooklyn, I wasn't dressed or showered, it was pouring outside, and like I said about 20 mins before shabbat was to begin. But who cares :) I showered, dressed, grabbed a bottle of wine, my umbrella and headed out, hoping noone that knew me would see me getting into the subway. We had a really nice meal, with his roommate and a bunch of other friends. He really went all out and of course it was nice to get away. After dinner some people left and we decided to go out and have fun. Of course the locals changed into going out clothes and i was in my shabbat finest. Well not quite, but i wanted to go out so we did. First off was Therapy where we met up with a bunch of their friends for a drink or 3. Then time for rockit. It wasn't as great as my previous time there where I danced the night away. The people I was with seemed to be more interested in talking while holding a drink. But it was still a fun night and I got home at about 4am. Oh and there was this cute French boy on the subway who got off at my stop. He was with his bf though, and the conductor was out of his mind. This train is going local! This train is going express! He seriously changed him mind every 30 seconds.

Because of my late night I slept in Saturday morning, well afternoon ;) . I had a party to attend to in Astoria that night but I didn't make it in the end. But Sunday was a busy day. It started off with a housewarming on the UWS which was fun. All the usual friends and then some were there. This began the day of drinking. Had a really nice time and when the party started winding down it was time to head off to the next party, PhD's birthday in Central Park. This time I only knew a couple of the people - we'd met on Friday. And a couple others I recognized from facebook, one of which was also at the housewarming earlier that day. It was a beautiful day out and the park was full (Read full of hot guys with shirts off).

A couple hours there hanging out with his friends and a few screwdrivers later it was time for me to head off once again. This time it was a Bon Voyage party being held on Astor Place. I decided to walk through from Sheeps Meadow to the southeast corner of the park and catch the R. And it was good that I did. As we pulled into 34th St i noticed a very handsome guy on the subway platform. Probably in his late 30s or so. He got onto the same car as me, but sat further down and on the other side at about my 10 o'clock position. Of course I kept on looking at him, until he noticed me and I turned away. How do you keep your eyes on someone without being so obvious? I kept my head turned toward the end of the car, so I could steal glances at him. You probably think well so what? The fact is i'm sort of a shy guy and I don't do this kind of thing, ever. I think i may have given him a smile, i can't even remember.

I figured it'd probably just end up being nothing but a missed connection. My stop was 8th st, and it was coming up. I wasn't going to go up to him and start chatting with him. Then he stood up, his stop was my stop. So what happens now? I'm getting off here too. In the whole business of cruising which I know nothing about, does that mean I'm interested and am going with him? Anyway I was ahead of him up the stairs and I looked up to orientate myself and figure out where to go. The next thing I knew he was standing next to me, so I said hi. We exchanged names, he lived in the east village. We started walking and talking. I told him I had a party to attend to. He was on his way back from Fire Island (cherry grove). We parted ways after a block but not before we exchanged numbers.

I couldn't believe i'd just done that, very out of the norm for me. But it was fun and exciting and exhilarating. And we're having lunch tomorrow :)

It was onto the next party, with a London theme. Shepherds Pie, Pimms, very english. R was going away for school, i'm gonna miss him. In fact i'm going to miss all my new york friends and i have no idea when i'll be back next. That pretty much sucks because things are going fairly well here. I've enjoyed the freedom to do what I want and just be myself. And then there's Mr Southern Boy, Mr Fire Island, Mr Subway, and the guy I met online a while ago through a friend from back home who informed me last night that he's ready for a husband and i'm at the top of his list. (Un?)fortunately I seem to be on top of everyone's list.

Time to head off,


Anonymous said...

Keep on cruising and playing those tunes

Dave Farber said...
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Jay said...

Thanks Dave, love to have another fan :)

As for reconciling being gay and religious I could never reconcile them. That why I am the way I am today. I certainly look the part, and talk the part, but what I do in private (or not around my religious friends and family) is another story.

Thats exactly why i've grown apathetic towards religion and don't keep so many things that I grew up being taught were important.