Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You can only go where they want you...

I've been out of the 5 boros for a good few weeks, yet occasionally i've popped back to the place oft referred to as the city where they grow freakishly large malus domestica. Twice for dates and of course you know how they went. The stupid thing is that the actual date isn't often the worst thing about it. It's the discussion afterwards when i'm trying to end it all and the powers that be seem to think they know better. But the funniest line i've ever heard is "you can only go where they want you". What the fuck is that supposed to mean? If she wants a second date then I have to give it another chance even if it's not going to go anywhere? That's the lamest reason i've heard for going on a date with a person. I think it's time I gave up on all this.

But onto better things :) I also came into the city for a 'weekend away'. I was invited out for friday night dinner at a friends and i was able to stay over at his place for the weekend. I first popped home to pack and then off I went. The worst thing about NY in the summer isn't being outside when it's extremely humid. Being on a subway platform is ten times worse! And if you arrive on the platform as the train is pulling out, then you've just achieved maximum sweltering time in the hellhole commonly known as the 'subway platform in the hot and humid summer'.

Anyway the story does get better, i promise! I made it to R's place and we headed to CBST, aka the gay shul. It was only my second time there, and the crowd was much smaller than usual. I realized that my first visit there was pride weekend, so no wonder. For the second time in my life someone I knew walked in to a place where there was something gay going on. At first i thought oh my god! Did he see me?! Is he gay? What's he doing here?! I texted a friend, who told me his facebook status was 'going to the lesbian shule (synagogue)' so i discounted the idea that he may be gay and just hoped I wasn't spotted. He left early and that was that. (I did chat to him online to see how the experience was. I wasn't spotted and no he's not gay.) At the services there was a baby naming and Mr Splash was there too. I spotted a couple people who were facebook friends of mine but i didn't go over and introduce myself. I think that'd just be too weird.

After the services we all went back to R's place to eat. It was mainly the same people who were there last time we had a friday night dinner there with 1 extra guy. It was a very nice meal, delicious food and lots of fun. I was going to go out with one of the guys to the EV but we sat there for a while chatting with a bottle of wine and I just got so tired I decided to take a raincheck.

My host was going away early the following morning so I had to decide what to do. I made the most of it, got up earlyish and went out. Chelsea, Soho, it was a beautiful day out, and just walking all over the place was alot of fun. I did some shopping, I had some lunch, it was a really nice Saturday morning and afternoon. I bought a new pair of sunglasses which I don't like anymore so I need to return them. I got a text from O to meet in Central Park later that afternoon. Chilling in Central Park is always alot of fun, the company is great, the weather is usually great, the 'scenery' is always amazing lol. S and J came too and we spent a good few hours there.

As the weather cooled down, J and S were planning on heading to a party in Brooklyn so O and I decided to join them, first stopping off at S's place. After hanging around there for a while we decided to head out to eat first. We were going kosher tonight, so we needed to wait till the sabbath was over. First choice was J2 for pizza but it seems they don't open on Saturday nights in the summer. We headed there anyway hoping something else would materialize other than Kosher Delight. Kosher - i'm sure it is. But a delight? Certainly not!

While waiting inside for the 4th member of our party to join us, something ran through the place. I thought it was a rat. But that was no ordinary New York subway rat. It was like double the length at least. Maybe it wasn't even a rat, i don't want to know. All I can say is that it did wonders for my appetite. After the meal was over I wasn't feeling so well, and even though plans had changed from the party in brooklyn to therapy, i decided to call it quits and head home.

I have one last comment to make, I use google maps alot. If i plan to be somewhere by a specific time or to leave at a certain time it's great for subway travel. Trains run on time whenever it says they will. All that is except for Essex St/Delancey St on the Lower East side. No matter which train it tells me to take, the J, M or Z, it's never there when it says it will be there and i end up waiting half an hour for it, and i miss my connecting train and it just adds a huge amount of time to my travel. I hate that stop!

Time to bring this post to a close, already have stuff to work on another one. And i'm going overseas next week but more on that in my next post.


Anonymous said...

Good times.

what did they name the baby?

Anonymous said...

Additionally, nice new layout of the blog. Great colours and all.

Jay said...

I can't remember what they named the babies (twins). Anon, are you who i think you are?

I guess these colors will do for now.

thanks for the comments