Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last JQY meeting, and then some

Last week there was a JQY meeting on in Manhattan. Since these are only monthly, I wanted to drive in for it. While i do enjoy the meetings, i think it's often that i enjoy the social aspect than the actual discussion themselves. This month the topic was gays in the media, and it often went onto various tangents such as sex and Jonah (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality an organization which i'm not going to discuss right now). I think I enjoyed the times we went off topic than the actual topic itself. Nevertheless, 10:30 came around all too quickly but instead of heading off to a bar or club as we usually do, this time around everyone decided to head home. For me that meant a drive back to Long Island, which was actually a bit of a bummer. I think i spent more time travelling than actually being at the meeting. Oh well there's always next month.

Another thing that happened to me that week which was a bit weird. I had to pick something up from someone's house and the husband answered the door. And he says to me "Don't take this the wrong way but you're a really good looking guy". It's always fun to get compliments, but i'm not quite sure how i'd take something like that the wrong way. And funnily enough it was his wife who had told me a couple months back a similar thing, and if she wasn't married, she'd want to date me, lmao. I gotta admit he is quite good looking himself :)

I'm going overseas next week for a week, to 'renew' my tourist visa. South America is my destination. I've never been there, and I don't speak any spanish so it should be fun! I'm not sure if i'll blog before I leave but if I get a chance, I'll write more on what these people are on about with my 'new' look.



Anonymous said...

safe travels!

When you say the new look, do you mean what people think about the new look?

Jay said...

yes and no. You'll have to wait for the answer ;)

Godfrey said...

good luck. have a great time! talk soon