Monday, December 8, 2008

Craigslist ad

I posted a while back that i'd put an ad on craigslist. In hindsight, i don't think i was necessarily looking for something, i was more curious as to what response i'd get. Anyway i turned down all the responses i got, of all of them, only one guy was cute. Recently one other guy messaged me back, asking if i ended up doing anything about it. I hadn't, but we got chatting a bit. He wanted a pic of me. I didn't want to send one. I wouldn't meet up with him anyway. But i was curious as to what he looked like. I wanted one of him. But he wouldn't send one, unless i sent first. So i did. And he did. To be honest, he wasn't someone i'd meet up with. It's interesting how those people that responded to my post are mainly guys i probably wouldn't have hooked up with in general. Guys who are 'straight' but want to fuck guys too. Or guys i'd have no interest in normally. Well except for that one cute guy. I wonder where he is right now. I guess thats why craigslist is good in some ways. You can be as anonymous as you want to be.


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