Monday, July 14, 2008

A new friend

Well i met someone. Not face to face, but online. Turns out he's from the same place I am. Which is good in a way, but bad in a way. Good to know there are others who i may actually know of, but bad in that i'm too scared to tell him who i am. I'd love to show him this blog, but i'm sure he'll be able to figure out who i am from what i've posted. We discussed lots of things, but it was hard to talk about certain things since he had no idea who i was and tried to leave out certain things that would help him identify me.

Ah well, the life of the closeted.

Oh and hi to my new readers :) You know who you are


Anonymous said...

Just take one step at a time, and try not to live just in fear!

- From your #1 Fan in Canada

Jay said...

Hey #1 Fan,

welcome! :)


JUSTIN said...

Meeting new people is always exciting, good luck with this one!

Jay said...

Justin, i don't think i need luck with this one, i need something else!