Thursday, May 8, 2014


Dating, I don't date. Or so my friends tell me. One in fact said he'd love to meet the guy I agree to date because I don't date. Maybe I just don't really consider it dating until it starts getting serious when I am actually dating. Maybe i'm commitment phobic. Maybe I just seem to pick the wrong guys.

There was this one guy. We met at a jewish social event and started chatting on facebook soon after. Then we made (potential) plans to catch up, and then it went downhill. It was Christmastime, he said he'd try but work was crazy at the time and after Christmas he was going overseas for a month. So it might be some till we actually caught up. I will say I wasn't looking at it as a date but maybe there was potential down the track. Even a mutual friend gave his approval, lol.

When he got back from overseas I got in touch. He was still keen but let me know he'd started seeing someone and wasn't sure if I still wanted to catch up that being the case. Well I was still keen. Like I said, I wasn't looking at it like a date, but still it stung a little. At times when he was free I was busy or outta town, when I was in town he was interstate for work. It looked like it'd never happen. Eventually we caught up for drinks. Four freaking months after we first met. I thought it went well, we got along well, and i'm always happy to have a new mate to hang out with.

When the night ended and went downhill. I said we should catch up again, and hopefully sooner than 4 months. He said something along the lines 'i'm sure i'll see you at the next event' (from the group where we met initially). Well that was a big thumbs down if I'd ever heard one. Basically I don't want to hang out but I'm sure i'm bump into you at some point in the future. Yay me. Fuck guys.

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