Saturday, February 15, 2014

Round 2. Argh!

So you probably remember this guy. A wise man told me to forget about him and not to do anything stupid, i.e. shag him. But i'm a woos. While we didn't shag, we kind of made up for the miscommunication about midsumma and he still wants to hang out. I told him a shag would need a discussion before it even had a remote chance of happening, but I was happy to hang out as mates no problem. So we made plans to hang out.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate deciding what to do. Let someone else pick, or at least give me some options if I'm the one who's gonna make the decision. He wouldn't have a bar of it. I had no clue what he enjoys doing but a bit of facebook stalking and I came up with the perfect thing, given the hot weather we were having. I told it was going to be a surprise but he kept on asking what we were doing. I thought it was hilarious and it seemed he did too, all his messages wanting the details ended in a 'lol' or a 'haha' or something like that. A few days before we were supposed to catch up when I still wouldn't tell him he called me an asshole and said he wasn't coming. I told him it was his loss. I figured that was the end of it.

First the 'we can be friends/lovers/nothing' episode and now this. Seriously, I don't know if i'm making a mountain out of a molehill but I can't handle this shit. He sent me a happy valentines day message and got annoyed when I didn't send him one back and tonight he wanted to hang out and I turned him down. Maybe he'll get the hint or maybe I need to come out with and say I can't be friends with him cos he's an asshole. You can't treat me like crap more than once and then just expect everything to go back to normal. I don't deserve it.

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Anonymous said...

My last 'boyfriend' (bwahahaha) dumped me after 3mths for not replying to a text within 2hrs (bwahahaha...i was working!!!). 99.9% of the world's population would have just thought "oh, he's busy, he'll get back when he can" but noooo not him, so he dumps me, go straight for the jugular. Anyway, stupidly I get back with him. Then, he dumps me Xmas Eve without warning by changing his phone number. The coward couldn't even dump me by text!!! Well, stupid me got back together with him when he told me he had an Apprehended Violence Order from his previous partner and then he started lying about lots of stuff and then wouldn't show up when he said he would and would be uncontactable, then he stole clothes and then he locked me out of my own house and so on and so forth. Believe it or not that was one of my better gay relationships!!! Bwahahaha...yep gays are cunts aright.