Saturday, May 4, 2013


Blogs, blogs, blogs everywhere. Well thats how it used to be. When I started to blog I was an avid reader of blogs and thought why not start my own. I was seeking support at the time but also an outlet. For those purposes it has served me well, made some new online and offline friends, i've been mentioned in other blogs. It's been a bumpy ride, plenty of highs and lows. I've been told this sometimes reads like a sex blog, and that may be so, but i always felt like it was a window to my life. Kind of like my diary if i'd had one.

Fast forward over 5 years from when I began and i'm in a very different place in my life. I haven't blogged in 9 months! Not saying that nothing has happened worth blogging about, in fact lots has happened that I could've blogged about, but I haven't felt the need to. I think after 220 posts, 875 comments, over 100,000 words, maybe it's time to hang up my keyboard. So for those who've come along for the ride, thanks for reading, I may even surprise you with a post somewhere down the track, but no promises!



Sean said...

I just came across your blog. I love it. I'm also somewhat in the closet and from CT. Sean

Jay said...

Well i've got another post on its way :) email me if you want